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Mar 4, 2008 07:52 AM

Gold Country advice sought

I am taking some out of state friends on a several day trip from SF Bay area to visit Gold Country. Our main goal is to stay around Plymouth and taste wine. However, to give them a more complete Gold Country view, I thought we would head first to Grass Valley/Nevada City (I-80 to Hwy 49 at Auburn) then cruise south down 49 next day. We might even get to Nevada City area by lunchtime our first day. We do have a dinner reserved at Taste when we get to Plymouth, but what about lunch along the way? Other dinner recs? I have searched past postings but none are too recent or focused on this drive. Any particular winery recs also gratefully received. Looking forward to a lovely spring trip. Thanks for helping make it so.

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  1. This a a lovely time of year...

    Nevada City has a great winery and tasting room just off the main downtown street. They also have olive oil tastings I believe.

    De Groot's Truffle Shop in downtown NC

    Pj's butcher shop/deli in NC

    Great bagels and bakey goods at the Flour Garden in the Brunswick Center in northern Grass Valley.

    Also check out the Grocery Outlet at the same intersection for good wine deals and deli cheeses for picnics.

    tried to put in more 'places' but function not working.


    De Groot's Truffles
    Nevada City CA, Nevada City, CA

    1. Villa Venezia Must do.

      There are wine shops & tasting rooms in both GV and Nevada City. In NC,there is one on Broad Street and the Nevada City Winery on Spring Street.

      For breakfast or lunch the South Pine Cafe is excellent.

      On Commercial street in Nevada City is Cafe Mekka. Best coffeee ever. Organic free trade..lots of teas (also another tea shop at the bottom of Commercial street) Funky place too, good place to peek inside the town. Great Burrito place next door too.

      Other reccos...

      Ike"s Quarter Cafe. good food, funky diner style NC.
      Pine Street Cafe; Pretty good breakfast and lunch NC

      Friar Tucks. One of the "destination" places in NC Real good, nothing fancy.

      Kane's Grass Valley.. I really like it. Italian, long menu, wood fired pizzas, steaks,pasta seafood.

      For sushi only the place by NC winery or Sushi-Q will do.NC.

      There is also great nightlife in both towns. I like Nevada City though, seems to be an older bunch. Coopers Ale House has, of course, ales and live music most nights, top touring acts. Crazy Horse has the blues and cover bands. McGees has DJ's nd the occasional band, but best drinks and bartenders.

      Keep in mind that both GV and NC downtowns are only five blocks long and three blocks wide so you will be able to find anything....