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Mar 4, 2008 07:52 AM

Cooking show called "The Best"

Does anyone know what happened to the TV cooking show called "The Best". The show consisted of three chefs/cooks, 2 males and 1 female (Silvana) and they were given two ingredients or topics and they each had to come up with a quick meal. The food was passed through a small window where 3 judges waited to taste the food and chose their favorite meal.

I know one of the chefs was Australian, and I think the show came from the UK. It was one TV until a few weeks ago and now I don't see it anymore. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. I did a web search and couldn't find much. Great recipes and always entertaining. Thank you Chowhounders!

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  1. There was only one season of the British show. The Australian guy (Ben?) is appearing in a version of the show being aired in Australia on the Lifestyle channel, but no word on whether it will make it to the US. All the recipes from the British version are available in a cookbook, if you are interested you might want to try Amazon's UK site.

    1. It was a 10-epsoide special created for BBC. I think they even wrote a book base on the show? I'd say if you have Tivo or DVR, keep the recording on and you maight be able to caught it whenever they decide to reshow.

      1. Great show - I even enjoy re-watching the reruns. It was a fun format, but still all about the food. I would love to see more shows like it.

        1. I saw that show a few times and really enjoyed it! There are always times where I dont have a house full of ingredients and need a quick recipe to whip something up for my family. I wonder if this could be purchased on DVD.

          1. I saw that show too and really liked it. I've been searching for any information on the recipes they did on that show. One in particular I kind of remember was a dessert with a cookie on the bottom and something creamy (I forget what) piled high on it. Silvana made it as I remember. I remember the ABC shop in Brisbane had a book on the show. Wish I'd bought it when I was there. With a few searches I've found that the book is called "The Best, Paul Merrett, Ben O'Donoghue & Silvana Franco". A website to read about it is at