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Mar 4, 2002 09:16 PM

Lucky Duck

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What's up with that new place on La Brea called Lucky Duck?????

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  1. I wondered too. LA Times did an article a few months back and mentioned it as a "supper club" populated by beautiful People In Black (PIBs), but without the exclusive guest list of some others.

    Food sounded boring to so-so, kind of a tired "pan-asian-latino-global-fusion" mishmash one step up from chicken wings and bar food. Also, that location seems to be cursed.

    Not much, but all I know....


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    1. re: StockClerk

      The location shouldn't be cursed. It's not even a block north of Campanile, and as I posted above, wasn't cursed years ago - my dad ran a successful coffee shop there for many years, expanding it from a counter with three booths to the space it occupies today.