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Mar 4, 2008 07:47 AM

Best food experience ever!!!

I was recently traveling in the Seattle area and I had previously heard about Russell's in Bothell. I knew before hand that this establishment had just hosted a James Beard Taste of America function, and well I just had to try it out. Needless to say this was the best food experience that I have ever had!!! The ambiance was supberb, the staff was extremly polite and well trained, and the food was cooked to perfection, I could not have asked for more. And, to top it all off it was very wallet friendly!!. I would just like to thank Russell Lowell for his passion, and dedication to making the culinary world a better place for all of us. For those of you who live in the Seattle area, make the trip to Bothell, I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

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  1. what did you eat? also just for comparison, can you tell us what you would consider the 2nd best food experience you've ever had ? thanks

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      That is a very good question for a first post that is such a rave in a vague, PRish kind of a way.
      We enjoyed our meal there. The mussels app. came in a heavy cream with smoked salmon - very rich and addictive. The scallops were seared perfectly and delicious. The New York strip came out just as ordered and tasty. Prices were reasonable. Corkage was $10.

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        thanks kirkj, with your more detailed endorsement i feel a little more confident about trying it next time i'm in Bothell ;)

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          1. I ate at Russell's on Saturday night with two friends. We had a very mixed experience. To start with, two of us shared a spinach salad that was very good. For main courses, two of us ordered their risotto special; duck confit, roasted mushroom risotto with a lamb chop. This was very rich and good. The third person ordered the Fetuccini with prawns and sundried tomato cream sauce. This dish was not well made, the fetuccini was very undercooked (not al dente, actually under cooked), the cream sauce was not saucy, it was soupy and did not stick to the pasta, and lastly the prawns were slightly tough. Since I would consider it the easiest of the dishes we ordered to cook, I wonder what happened?

            I had an amazing tasting Bread pudding with Carmel sauce. That was a hit!

            The wait staff was very nice, but did not seem to be especially knowledgeable. Maybe they were fairly new.

            Of my friends who live in Bothell, one would return and one would not. I am from out of town and probably would try another restaurant next time.