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Mar 4, 2008 07:45 AM

yellow tail, ect, sushi quality fish Farifield county CT

does anyone know where to buy fish like yellow tail, realy good tuna ect in or around fairfield county ct... I can find ok tuna / samon / eel ( frozen ) here but I have yet to find a place that sells yellow tail and or other "rarity" fish for sashimi or sushi at the retail level...( not at a restaruant ) any ideas.....

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  1. The Bon Ton Fish Market in downtown Greenwich on Greenwich Avenue has very high-quality fish. I don't know if they have exactly what you are looking for, but it's worth a visit. Sorry I can't remem

    If you are up for a drive, Bud's Fish Market in Branford is also fabulous.

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      Just heard a review of Bon Ton on CBS radio-it made me track down their web site in order to see what they are all about>
      I may have to drive up to check it out in person:

    2. Try New Wave Seafood in Stamford on Camp Street in Stamford, across from the Post Office and near Twin Rinks. Call ahead and ask if they have any of these species available.

      1. Fjord fisheries in Greenwich also has very fresh, more often hard to find fish.

        1. Another drive, but if you go to Bud's in Branford like shoes suggested which is a great place, then stop by #1 Fish on State St. New Haven. He sells to some restaurants but he has a small store front for the public. Been in the biz for many years.

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            There's also a Fjord fisheries on Post Road in Southport and the quality and service are great.

          2. With great respect, I submit, just as I would not eat again from Rye Ridge Deli on High Ridge in Stamford (discussed at length on the boards, I believe) due to their closure by the health department a year or two back, I would not eat raw seafood from one of the operations mentioned on this thread. I would do a serious google of New Wave Seafood (including checking the news archives) before eating raw fish from this store.

            To quote, "FDA said the firm did not follow the monitoring procedure of icing product at the storage critical control point to control histamine hazard. Agency investigators detected tuna loins that were held in the cooler but not covered with ice."

            Yes, I believe in second chances, and I am sure they are a fine operation. But it's a whole 'nother story when it comes to raw fish.

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            1. re: wookiedoodle

              Jfood was the poster for New Wave.

              Yes they received that warning in November of 2002. To which they immediately responded. And they were only one of two who responded from all those who received warning letters.

              If you are going to bring up the bad on a place for something that happened over 5 years ago, it is probably important to also note that New Wave has been certified as an "Interstate Certified Shellfish Sellers List" updated tiday March 18, 2008.


              Eating raw fish is always risky, and yes everyone needs to be careful.

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                Thanks, jfood. I didn't know that New Wave Seafood had been certified as such. I appreciate the new information -- and defy anyone reading this thread to say "Interstate Certified Shellfish Sellers List" five times fast.

                As I stated in my initial post above re: New Wave Seafood, I firmly believe in second chances. I also believe in the value of publicly available information about FDA warnings, health code citations and the like. I don't see sharing this information as trashing; I see it as part of what makes this site an invaluable resource when evaluating alternatives. If anything similar had happened with my fishmonger of choice (Fjord Fisheries in Riverside), I'd darn well want to know before I ate their raw seafood!

                Now that I have some new info on New Wave, I have a much closer option available to me the next time I want to grill up some steamers and serve them with hot sauce. Ahh, summer...

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                  Fjord is fantastic and sometimes sometimes has some nice fresh dover sole