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Mar 4, 2008 07:36 AM

Rancho Gordo or other good dried beans?

Is there anywhere to buy Rancho Gordo beans in Manhattan? It would be great to save shipping.

Alternatively, any other source of very good dried beans in the city? Any vendors at greenmarkets, etc?


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  1. Buon Italia in Chelsea market has a nice looking selection of dried beans. I haven't tried them, so I can't vouch for quality.

    1. I'm sure if you called Rancho Gordo they would tell you if they distribute to anyplace in NYC.

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          yes, I've emailed them. Just wondering if anyone had seen them around town—committing to a shipment worth the shipping is a bit intense!

          I saw in Last Night's Dinner that they had them at Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg...makes me think somewhere else should too...

          1. re: maggiej

            Wonderful beans and truly a great guy also. I have no doubt he will respond to your email.

        2. I called....Marlow and Sons is the only place in proximity that carries them. She said that the store at Blue Hill at Stone Barns also carries them but just the location in Pocantino Hills, not here in the city.

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          1. re: meldrom

            I thought Marlow and Sons was a they sell retail, too?

            Was about to order some beans myself--I got a few friends to join in to help offset the crazy shipping. If you can get to brooklyn, you're welcome to join us!

            1. re: Budino

              There's a tiny store up front. Great selection of stuff, though the beans were $ shipping might be cheaper (plus you'd get more choices.)

              1. re: maggiej

                wow, that is pretty steep (they were steep enough at $5). Maybe I'll go forward with the mail order after all. But I'll still stop in at Marlow and Sons to check it out since I'm in Greenpoint a couple of days a week. Thanks for the tip!

                Did you buy any beans? What did you think?

                1. re: Budino

                  bought cannelini and a black-and-white variety. The cannelini were very good, creamy and well structured, not sure it's worth the $$$ friend got beautiful black salt at Marlow and Sons, but given the prices, not sure it's worth the trek for those who aren't already in the neighborhood. I asked if they had Anson Mills Grits, and they said they sometimes do, when they are on the menu at the restaurant. Haven't found any other sources for those.

          2. Maggie, I live in Midtown, have a pathological hatred of paying shipping charges, am always looking to combine orders with others to ease the pain, and want to put together another RG order sometime soon (but would prefer to wait until they get in the giant limas from Peru). I think you can probably contact me through Chow if you're interested in splitting the shipping charges--$4.50 is somewhat more palatable than $9.

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            1. re: MacGuffin

              Could be interested. Though I have about four half-filled (half-empty?) bags of RG beans in my teeny pantry right now...

              1. re: maggiej

                LOL Actually, you can find pretty much everything on RG's stock list at Kalustyan's although not with an RG label. Keep it in mind for when you deplete your stock. :)