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Mar 4, 2008 07:06 AM

First time in SF! Seeking the spots only the locals would know!

I'm going to be in SF for the week-end in May. My BF and I are from Toronto, and are fortunate to live in a city that is very multi-cultural and it's evident in our restaurants and varied food choices.

I really want to make the most of my time in your beautiful city, and since I'm only only there for two days I'm hoping that I can get some restaurant/food recomondations. I know that like any large city there are great little spots that unless you are a local, one would never know about. As well, what are the 'must haves' in SF? Basically, I'm trying to get a feel for SF cuisine.

I appreciate all suggestions, and if anyone is ever coming to Toronto, I'd be happy to share mine!

BTW - We haven't picked a hotel yet, but it will be somewhere central...probably by Union Square. As far as restaurants, we're also very casual people and probably would prefer to forgo the 'high end' dining (meaning we're on a bit of a budget) :-)

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  1. Here are some recent topics from Toronto visitors that might help you narrow down your question:

    1. The place that I always recommend is Thanh Long on Judah in the Outer Sunset district. It is Vietnamese but what they have that is unique (or at least, used to be) is their hot garlic crab - so good! Also, the garlic noodles are darn good! Good luck and have a great stay.

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        Have you eaten at Thanh Long there lately? General consensus is it's not good any more. Most recent report:

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          Thank you both for the suggestions!!! I'm compiling my list now.

      2. Not sure if Zuni's considered high end but I would definitely put that on the list.