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Mar 4, 2008 06:32 AM

Which should I ditch?

Please help – Based on excellent feedback from NYC hounds, below is my itinerary thus far for my short trip to NYC. Lunches on Mon & Tue are left open since I will be at a conference and not sure if I can escape. :-(

Want to work in Momofuku and perhaps Prune, which seems like favorites among locals. Should I ditch one of the below? If yes – which one(s)? Also, approximately how much does omakase at Sushi Yasuda run? I know it varies depending on daily offerings, but a ballpark figure would help me budget.

Sat – late lunch at Gordon Ramsey Maze – 2 course lunch (we arrive NYC 2’ish)
Sat – late evening – dessert tasting at WD-50 (have seen mixed reviews)

Sun – brunch at Balthazar
Sun – dinner at Sushi Yasuda

Mon – dinner at Babbo

Tues – either pre-theater dinner at db Bistro Moderne or post-theater dinner at Café Boulud


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  1. If you managed to get a reservation at Babbo, don't let that one go. That's like gold. I haven't been to Sushi Yasuda, but I hear it's absolutely ethereal. I think that one's a keeper, too.

    1. you could ditch Balthazar in favor of Prune.

      I agree with cuisinescene - you have to keep Babbo and I'll add Sushi Yasuda. Both are terrific. As for Tuesday night...tough call - coin flip. What are you doing for dinner on Saturday? I'd try to sneak in Momofuku Ko or Ssam in there.

      1. I'd stick with your itinerary, personally -- it looks absofreakinlutely great. I'm very jealous!

        Yasuda omakase runs anywhere from $70 for ppl who don't eat that much to $140 for people who eat a lot. I'd budget about $120 to be safe.

        1. I agree, I think you itinerary is great. I've heard Maze can be quite hit or miss, but I think it is still a good choice. You have a good mix of different cuisines. Personally, I would try for Cafe Boulud post theater rather than DB before, but that is just my taste. DB is perfectly fine.

          1. Ditch Balthazaar to eat in, but do stop by the bakery and buy baked goods to go. Sunday is a mad house there--literally. And, the last time I ate there it simply wasn't all that great. Ed's Lobster Bar isn't far from there, why not try that place.

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              The OP could go for an early breakfast at Balthazar - might not be so bad.