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Mar 4, 2008 06:29 AM

Help Need best Irish Soda Bread recipe

I can bake - matter of fact - its my favorite thing to do - bit i have have no luck with a decent recipe and I am looking for a tried and true authentic one to prove to my very Irish boyfriend that I can make it - to serve along with my corned beef and cabbage (which is not too shabby)

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  1. In Bernard Clayton's Complete Book of Breads, he has an easy, wonderful half whole-wheat soda-bread recipe. The name of it is something like Hibernian Soda Bread.

    It mixes up easily--all by hand--then you form it into a ball, pat down the middle, and cut a cross into the top. In the oven, the cross opens up dramatically. Those knobs are crusty and delicious. And because it's partially whole-wheat, I don't feel so guilty eating it. Clayton doesn't call for currants or raisins, but you could add some in if you like.

    1. Nyleve posted a great irish soda bread recipe in this thread: