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Mar 4, 2008 06:22 AM

Lamb Virgin

Hey all-
I've never made lamb before in my life but I've agreed to give it a whack for Easter. Any fool proof recipes out there that would be good for about 6-8 people?


EB of

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  1. Not sure what cut you plan to use, but remember this: lamb goes great with rosemary and garlic. It's also really simple to cook. You can take a leg of lamb and cut slits into it, then stuff some garlic and rosemary bits into the slits. Then salt and pepper the whole leg liberally. Alternately, you can bash up some garlic cloves, rosemary leaves, salt, lemon wedges, and olive oil in a mortar and pestle, then rub that all over your lamb. Then just roast it (I usually ask the butcher for timing and temperature instructions). Leg of lamb is virtually foolproof; it contains enough fat that it doesn't overcook badly. Good luck!

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      Hear hear. That's exactly what I do. Cut slits into the lamb and stuff with rosemary and garlic. There are plenty of complicated recipes out there but this one trumps them all.
      I usually serve with minted peas, roasted parsnips/potatoes, honey ginger carrots and of course mint jelly! yum!!!

    2. I just happened to catch the cooking demonstration on the Today show -- roasted boneless leg of lamb coated with a roasted garlic paste. My mouth is watering. Here's the link.

      1. In case you aren't aware of this, lamb fat melts at a higher temperature than beef fat. So it solidifies sooner as the meat cools. It is best to serve lamb, especially parts with fat, warm.


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          Yes, make sure to serve your lamb dish with hot plates. If too cool there is an unpleasant sensation of the fat coating the mouth.

        2. Leg of lamb check!!! Thanks so much for all the help... I have no idea why I'm freaking out over this... it's just another protein right? One other thing.... I have a guest coming over who's allergic to rosemary (who knew?!) so that's not an option. Would thyme work? Or should I go with something else all together?

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            Thyme would work...I'd also consider Greek oregano.

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              I've made the paste for lamb with thyme before and enjoyed it throughly. If you add a bit of grated lemon zest, it gives the spice rub a bit of the sharpness that you would otherwise get with rosemary.

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                Thyme or oregano, as someone else suggested, would be great. Let us know how it goes.

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                  I've been using a garlic/olive oil/herb paste that I smear all over the lamb, then wrap in plastic wrap and "marinate" for several hours or overnight before roasting. Yum! I always use rosemary (I have a big bush out front), but any of the Mediterranean (thyme, oregano) herbs would be delicious, and as someone just reminded me below, mint is traditional with lamb.

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                    I like to use a parsley / mint / garlic / olive oil paste on lamb (plus salt and pepper of course). I usually remove a lot of the fat before cooking.

                  2. Do a Google search for Lamb Khorma, a great Indian dish. It is usually made with lamb stew pieces first sauteed in olive oil, then add coconut milk and plain yogurt (goat milk yogurt if possible, but any plain will do), garam masala spice mix, cashews and cilantro, served over jasmine or basmati rice. I usually serve honeyed carrots on the side. My DH loves this dish!