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Mar 4, 2008 05:38 AM

Baltimore questions...The Helmand?

Hi y'all,

I'm finally getting an opportunity to actually eat in Baltimore instead of running around and eating junk.

We had sushi at Cross Street Market yesterday for lunch and it was really good. I really liked the feel of Federal Hill. Thought about Thai Arroyo, but it was closed onMonday. Wanted go to Peter's Inn for dinner last night, but it was closed. We ended up at Brewer's Art, which I've been to before and was good again.

Now, my traveling buddy has left me and I'm solo today and tomorrow.

Thinking about Thai Arroyo for lunch today. And I'd really love to go to The Helmand. Is it an appropriate place for a solo diner? Better for lunch than dinner? What do you think?

Also, any breakfast recs for tomorrow? I'm staying at the Marriott Waterfront.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Helmand isn't open for lunch, so you'll have to go for dinner. And you can certainly eat there alone. The food is wonderful there (make sure you get the pumpkin/yogurt appetizer).

    Thai Arroy is awesome, you won't be disappointed.

    Breakfast...if you don't mind walking, you can go to Blue Moon in Fells Point. It's very Baltimore and the food is decent.

    1. At The Helmand... you need to get the Kaddo Borawni (pumpkin/yogurt appetizer mentioned in the other reply).

      1. The Helmand is phenomenal and I don't see any reason not to dine alone.

        Breakfast suggestions:

        Miss Shirley's on Coldspring Lane (you'll need to drive there but it is AMAZING, best breakfast in Baltimore in my honest opinion:


        Harvest Table on Hull St. (this is in Locust Point, not far from Federal Hill, their pancakes are perfect)

        Spoons on Cross St. (in Federal Hill, has a very earthy organic feel, great coffee and tea and homemade granola)

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          I really like the food options @ harvest table, salads, sandwiches, breakfast food etc....good sized portions or hearty and healthy food. If it's another great day tomorrow, I'd suggest walking to harvest table in locust point. It really isn't that far and it's quite a scenic walk thru the harbour and following Key Highway around thru LPoint. Make sure when you get over there to take the time to hit the hammocks/dock in front of Tide Point, it's a peaceful spot to just sit and read or get lost in thought...

        2. Oh, and further dining suggestions:

          The Wine Market (Locust Point) -
          Rub (Federal Hill) -
          Thai Arroy (Federal Hill) - you are right to want to go there, it is fabulous
          Amiccis (Little Italy) - very casual, but good italian pasta
          Pazo (Fells Pt) - mediterranean tapas and entrees
          Lebanese Taverna (in Harbor East, right near hotel
          )Taco Fiesta (Harbor East...good for lunch)
          Nacho Mammas (Canton)
          Helen's Garden (Canton)
          Mama's on the Half Shell (Canton)

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          1. re: lstineba

            Nice to see someone else mention Taco Fiesta. I love their Baja-style fish tacos!

            1. re: ko1

              Thanks for the suggestions and feedback, ya'll! I had lunch at Thai Arroy yesterday and it was great. My meeting ran late and turned into dinner last night, so I wasn't able to get to the Helmand. I'll have to save it for the next trip next month or so.

              Thanks for the list, I'll be sure to visit them. Looks like I'm having lunch here today too, so I'll refer to your suggestions.

              1. re: ko1

                Indeed... and Jerry (the owner) is a great guy.

            2. I second Scarlet Starlet, although I have to wonder where she's had a better breakfast than Blue Moon? IMO, Blue Moon is worth a cab ride. The only time you can eat there without a 2 hour wait is in the middle of the week or after midnight on the weekends. I would never suggest this by the way as the food is too good to waste while in a blackout. Their biscuits are like pillows and the cinimon buns sublime. Definitely don't skip out on it. Try and plan some sort of workout though, becasue you will end up in a food coma otherwise.