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Mar 4, 2002 02:26 PM

Hawaiian plate lunch

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I want to eat a good old cholesterol laden plate lunch, but was wondering who serves the best. I used to always go to Harry's Aloha Chop Suey in Gardena, but haven't eaten there in over ten years. Anyways, I thought I would try something different. I saw that L&L barbecue wasn't rated very highly by one poster. How about Bruddah's, Loft at Lahaina etc.?


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  1. Had lunch a few weeks ago at Back to Lahaina on Sepulveda a few doors South of Versailles. Same side of the street. I had a plate lunch with Moco Loco, 2 scoops of rice, macaroni salad and cole slaw. They had Spam Musubi on the menu too. We are taking my Hawiian neighbor there soon. Cheesy fake decor, good food, reasonable prices.

      1. As a displaced Kama'aina, I've tried most of the Plate Lunch - Hawaiian Food places in LA.......alas, we've moved to San Diego...auwe!

        Bruddah's is mostly Hawaiian Food - and pretty good
        The Loft at Lahaina is a favorite of my wife - especially for breakfasts on the weekend.
        Bob's Hawaiian Style Okazuya - nori wrapped fried chicken was very good - lot's of hidden salt though!
        L&L really isn't that bad...remember this is not fine dining...this is the stuff we were raised placed in context.

        I've included a link of SoCal Plate Lunch places

        Good Eating


        1. Yes, I had come across them when I was doing my research on plate lunches--very helpful.

          1. if you really want some good hawaiian food go to Aloha Food Factory. it's in alhambra on valley right as you get off the 710 freeway. they have the best plate lunches and macaroni potato salad. if you really have a sweet tooth try their cha shu or their hawaiian style short ribs. i think they only serve the short ribs on wednesday though. happy eating!

            aloha food factory
            2990 w. valley
            alhambra, ca 91803