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Mar 4, 2008 05:30 AM

Fried Pie's

The last few week-ends we have had to make a trip between Dallas and Fort Smith Arkansas so food options are not so great, however on the way home yesterday we stopped in Denison at Deno's Fried Pies OMG these things were outstanding. They have about 12 flavors I got Apple Cherry coconut and apricot the fillings were homemade not that canned stuff. They we just so good. To get to this place you need to take the 69 exit and it is on west side in a strip enter. It's almost worth a trip to Denison for these pies.

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  1. Analisa,

    There are also two great options in the north along Interstate 35..say if you are on your way to Winstar or OKC

    Fried Pie Co & Restaurant in Gainesville - 940-665-7641 - 202 W Main St 76240. They are located close to downtown

    Southern Fried Pie Co - Denton - 940-484-7437 - 911 Sunset St 76201 - Just off University & Carroll....there is also a great mediterreanean place along that street - International Food of Denton - 609 Sunset

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      Hum thanks for the heads up in Denton. I will stop by there next weekend on my way to pick up my new bike. Little fried pies little cycling it's all good!

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        I'm not sure the one in Denton is still open...i tried to locate it a couple of months ago and couldn't find it. Did they move?

      2. Thanks for the "heads up." Those of us who live in Texas with Okie relatives appreciate it.

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          I have tried the one's in Gainsville and they are no where near as good as these in Denison, the last time we had the pie's from Gainsville all the filling's were canned so not that good homemade taste. The pie's we had yesterday taste like they were fried in my mother's kitchen. I haven't tried the pie's in Denton I will put that on my list.

        2. The Fried pie I had a couple of weeks ago at Ms. Mary's Southern Cuisine was outstanding. I would go back there just for the pie. The fried pork chop was also pretty good.

          1. If anyone is looking for fried pies in Dallas, Peggy Sue's BBQ in Snider Plaza serves some.