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Mar 4, 2008 05:25 AM

"Different" sides for BBQ?

I've received a Kreuz Market (Lockhart, TX) whole BBQ brisket and pork loin as a present and want to serve both at a party. Living in MT, this is quite a thrill!

Does anyone have ideas for appropriate side dishes beyond the usual cole slaw, pinto beans, biscuits/cornbread, etc.? Ot at least some interesting variations on these standards?

Also, any tips on reheating these, beyond slowly and wrapped in foil?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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  1. I love mac and cheese with BBQ.....and we usually have southern style green beans if we're not in the mood for baked beans.

    1. Pickled red onion and cucumbers are a tasty sub for the usual coleslaw.

      1. Kreuz is fantastic: Go all out TX: small butter pickles, onions, Saltine crackers.

        But, if you are looking for different - the web is full of good German potato salad recipes (served warm, uses vinegar and bacon as flavoring agents). You don't see it as often as regular potato salad, but it is great.

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        1. re: Westy

          What does Kreuz serve with their meat? Isn't it pretty basic - white bread and a few sides?


          1. re: paulj

            That is pretty much it. In fact, most of the places in Lockhart have really simple sides, and serve with either Saltines or cheap white brread.
            The mac and cheese/greens thing seems to be a more Southern, rather than Texan, kind of thing.

            1. re: Westy

              My understanding is that it was only recently that Kreuz began serving German potato salad, until then it was onions, saltines, and slabs of meat on butcher paper.

              I'm looking more for "tastes really good", rather than strictly TX authentic.

              Thanks to all. Keep 'em coming.

              1. re: Spot

                Don't they also serve "rat's cheese" i.e., a sharp cheddar?

                I'd want something vinegary/pickely/acidic to offset the richness of the meat.

        2. Tamales are always a good idea.

          1. Blow your guest away with your best homemade bread. Corn on da cob maybe?
            A couple of sauces...No commercial ones. Maybe one with horseradish...Don't rule out having a couple of mustards around...not "Ball Park"...a couple of nice browns.
            Twice baked potatoes maybe....Stuffed eggs..Jazz um up!!!

            Have Fun!