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Mar 4, 2008 02:57 AM

A Good Fish Sandwich in Monmouth County

I am craving a plain old fish sandwich. You know the one just a breaded fried piece of haddock or cod on a tasty roll with Tarter sauce. Has to be at a bar so I can have a beer with it. It seems nobody makes one anymore. I don't want a flounder sandwich or a tuna melt just plain white fish. Help!

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  1. I liked the fish sandwich @ Circus Drive in. I dont think they're open yet (they close for winter). Located on 35 So in Wall. There's a couple of good fish places, cmon chows help Eric out.

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    1. re: nyebaby37

      Just and FYI - The Circus Drive In just re-opened for the season. Went there today to enjoy one of their small burgers. I've had the fish in the past and it is tasty...

      1. re: JerzeyShore

        No offense Jerzey but I don't get the fascination with the Circus. I took my kids there last year and had a very unimpressive softshell crab sandwich (greasy deep fried crab on a plain and soggy bun). The kids had the fried chickenwith fries (both evidenced there just plucked removal from the freezer).

        1. re: bgut1

          No offense taken - would have to agree with you about the softshell crab sandwich, not very good at all. As far as the fascination with the Circus, I think it's the 1960s curb side service which brings back fond memories of the Eat'n Park on Rt 51 in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

    2. The bar requirement is the problem. Lots of diners have it. Try Rods in Sea Girt.

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        I know Rod's doesn't get much love with some on this site, but I would second SusieQQ's recommendation. I've been there more than a few times over the years and had the Flounder Sandwich and it was always very good. If they can prepare one fish well, I would imagine they could cook any other fish just as good equally as well. Although it may not be on the menu proper, call ahead to see if it is available for the day.

        1. re: fourunder

          I was going to say Rods as well. My dad loves the fish sandwich from there, and I have to say it looks very good. Very large piece of fresh flounder with tartar sauce. I had a bite of the flounder last time we were there, and it was perfectly cooked.

      2. I love Keyport Fishery. There is neither bar, nor seating, but you're just a short walk away from the waterfront. There's a new fishing pier where you can sit. Or park your car by a great view of the bay. Bring your own beer.

        Navesink Fishery is BYOB. They make a good fish sandwich. I believe sandwiches are at lunchtime only.

        Keyport Fishery
        150 W Front St, Keyport, NJ

        Navesink Fishery
        1004 State Route 36, Atlantic Hghlnds, NJ

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        1. re: val ann c

          I would have rec'd Keyport Fishery as well, as I know they do fried haddock, but no beer. While I've never tried the beer battered cod at McDonagh's Pub, I've heard it's done very well. I couldn't find a menu online to link here, but I definately can vouch for the beer selection! I'm a big fan of Newcastle Brown, which they have on tap - by the way they are also the hosts of the St Patrick's day Parade in Keyport, which is the Saturday following the 17th this year. (Sat Mar. 22nd)

          1. re: val ann c

            We got lunch at Keyport Fishery yesterday. I had the fried haddock platter. Mr C ordered his beloved fried scallop platter.
            You can watch them cook your fish as you wait. Orders are ready in a jiffy. Delicious fresh fried fish. Great tarter sauce. I love the cole slaw. Fries are the crinkle-cut frozen kind, but they do a good job with them.
            We drove one block and parked overlooking Keyport Harbor and the bay. We had our dog with us and he enjoyed several morsels of haddock. But Mr C refused to share any scallops with our furry friend. I was lucky to get one scallop. Fresh and tasty.
            I had enough fish leftover for a breakfast.
            It was about $25 for the two platters.

          2. I agree with every fish sandwich suggestion so far; including the pub in Keyport's beer battered fish platter. If you ever crave a scallop sandwich head over to Bayshore Charlies Seafood on River Road in Fair Haven. Fresh, generous and served with terrific slaw and fries. Be sure to order their fresh brewed ice tea, consistently good.

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            1. re: HillJ

              Athough I wouldn't recommend the place for too many other things, I'd have to say that Klien's fish market in Belmar fits the bill here. Fried haddock or cod sandwiches and a liquor license. In the summer, the outside bar is a plus. The secret to having a good experience at Klien's always seems to be keeping things simple.

              1. re: MGZ

                Klien's might do it, thanks MGZ. What I'm looking for is a place my buddy & I can stop in for lunch (while the wives are working) have a few beers a sandwich or burger and yack a while. We've hit Ichabod's in Sea Bright and Kelly's in Neptune.

                1. re: Eric in NJ

                  Kleins is definately your place - but Moby's (in Highlands) is also a wonderful choice in the warmer months.

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