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Mar 3, 2008 11:55 PM

Are there any foods you prefer "as is"?

For me, I prefer my lobster steamed and only with drawn butter and lemon. I think it's a huge waste to use it in compound dishes, or to cream it as in a newburg, and I'd rather have a lobster and a roll than a lobster roll. I strongly prefer any kind of fish roe alone. I love salmon roe. I want my sea urchin fresh from the shell with a spoon, but when I'm desperate, I will order sushi uni and eat the urchin roe alone, then eat the rice. I love top grade sturgeon roe, preferably beluga, but don't like any kind of caviar as a garnish. If it's not good enough to eat alone, it's not good enough to eat in my book. Oh, and avocados. I'd rather have a plain avocado, but will eat guacamole as long as it doesn't have huge chunks of raw onion in it to sit on the avocado flavor. I think that about covers it for me. What kinds of things do you prefer in their pristine form?

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  1. I totally agree with you about the lobster, although I do like a mignonnette sauce on my oysters and raw clams. May I assume that if steaming is considered "as is," so is broiling? I prefer most fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, shad) simply broiled with nothing other than perhaps a squirt of lemon. And I want my lamb chops (assuming they're good ones) simply broiled as well--no marinades, sauces, or seasonings, thanks, not even salt and pepper.

    1. i totally agree about the avocado - a spoon and a little salt is all i need!

      1. Tomatoes and cucumbers fresh off the vine in summer, sitting next to their trellises on the ground with the salt and pepper grinders. Any just caught fish, straight to the pan, with olive oil, salt and pepper or, even better, strung on a skewer and roasted over the fire. Just picked strawberries, still warm from the sun, mmmmmmm

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          A nice sirloin just flame-broiled and medium...

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              Those little teardrop tomatoes - candy, I tell you, pure candy.

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                oh yeah, grape tomatoes! And if you train them up strings to the eaves beside your porch they make a great sunscreen while you sit, read and munch!

            2. Great topic! There are many, many foods that I prefer to eat as is or in very simple preparations - as long as the main item itself is top quality. I'm with you on the caviar and avocado. Also steaks & roasts with nothing but salt & pepper, grilled fish with just a squeeze of lemon, even salads should be minimally dressed, not smothered with cheese and croutons.

              I have friends who love to cook but seem to think that the more ingredients you throw in, the better the dish. Drives me crazy!

              1. I'm in on the avacado. I slice it and eat it with some salt. I like my lobster with lemon and butter, too. Nothing fancy, nothing exciting.

                Tomatoes, peas off the vine and cucumbers. I eat cucumbers with a little salt, instead of chips.