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Mar 3, 2008 09:39 PM

Biker hangouts with good food.

I'm at Scarborough and Pickering border. Anybody know some good places with great food and a place to hang with the biker croud? Spring is coming up fast and the bike is ready to go . Patios are probably best. Thanks.

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  1. Anywhere along Kingston Road my friend as long as its east of the point where Eglinton turns into it.

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    1. re: Googs

      Sounds good to me. Thanks Googs!

      1. re: Fat Swine

        I don't know how the food is, but the Black Bull @ Queen and Peter St. is a favourite biker haunt. Great Patio in the summer.

        1. re: dragonflygrl

          Metro East Detention Centre does a good swiss steak on Fridays

          1. re: Finnegan


            How about The Black Dog Pub. It seems to be recently re-born as a green destination...


            1. re: jayt90

              I love Black Dog and eat there frequently.

            2. re: Finnegan

              Cool, that's near my work! Careful or you may give the people who own Booze Emporium some ideas on what to name the next place.

              I guess one of us should ask if the OP means motorcyclists or full patch.

      2. I don't know about the good food part but here's a list of biker-friendly restaurants and hang-outs in the Durham region and parts beyond.

        Besides a patio, tolerant proprietors and room for parking, it seems doughnuts and ice cream are an important criteria for biker-friendly establishments.

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        1. sorry.......but this thread made chuckle. i'm assuming you mean places where other motorcyclers frequent....not true biker places

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          1. re: rayrayray

            I was thinking bicycles, close to the paved trail in Scarboro and Durham on the lakeshore.

            1. re: rayrayray

              Glad you had a chuckle. But no, I mean true biker places.

              1. re: rayrayray

                Nice dinner at auberge de pommier last night. We had a group of 45 or so.