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Mar 3, 2008 09:26 PM

No Reservations:Hawaii - back out of the hole

phew... much better tonight - not necessarily his best stuff, but he's back to appreciating what he's got around him and presenting it with some (snarky) joy.

Other than the $3,000 rayon shirt.

I saw those hot dog bun hole toasters in Germany in 1975. BFD. They didn't have any mango sauce, though. I figured the toasters would be all over the US sometime in the 80's - I figured wrong, but now that Tony's had them on his show...

The two best segments were the Ono Hawaiian Food place with so much great local cuisine, plus I thought that his sitting with the chefs segment was great, and thought that this works virtually everywhere. Why couldn't he find a bunch of chefs to drink, eat, and shoot the shit with in Romania?

I've never understood the aversion to Spam - although I love the Monty Python sketch. It's just another prepared meat product, no different than sausages, or store bought bacon or ham steaks. I'm glad he's over whatever issues he had with it. I hope all that food didn't go to waste - I know he turns it over to his staff, but it's not like he has a huge film crew going around with him everywhere.

But he is getting soft. A few years ago, he would never have allowed for the tourist shtick to be worthwhile for anybody, never mind his own time. I mean - pretty soon he's going to be taking out I Wanna Be Sedated on his iPod to make room for Tiny Bubbles.

Can't wait for next week - can he still handle the shit? Too bad it's the season finale - there haven't been that many episodes.

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  1. It certainly was the best show of the season IMO. A nice blend of food and travel. They must have filmed very recently because the few hold outs that lived near the lava flow were evacuated within the last month or so. The luau thing at the end kind of spoiled it for me a bit. I don't expect much from the next show. I very much doubt AB has the chops to be behind a stove any more.

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      For next week's show, he asked Eric Ripert to do dinner service at Les Halles with him.

    2. Good to see him back in true from. Man, that was a TON OF SPAM!

      1. I enjoyed it. I wish I would have known about that Ono Hawaiian when I was there. I have a friend who grew up in Hawaii, and considers himself a native. He used to work in those shows tourists go to see. He said "the cast" makes horrible fun of the mainlanders..."many Hawaiians don't like white people very much..except for the bucks they bring in". That's what he said.

        1. Not a bad show, but there was a bunch of places that he could've gone. While on the north shore he could've gone to Matsumoto Shave Ice/Aoki Shave Ice, Giovani's. I think he should've included more of the nieghbor islands. Sam Sato's on Maui or Hamura's on Kauai.

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            Yeah, I was waiting to see if he'd hit up Matsumoto or Ted's Bakery.

          2. The original comment has been removed