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Mar 3, 2008 07:15 PM

Should I sneak into your college's cafeteria for lunch?

It just occured to me that most of the meals "eaten out" in this city (and surrounding environs) are consumed by college students. So, how's the grub nowadays? Which cafeterias (if any) are worth a trip? Now, I'm curious.

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  1. Harvard's Thanksgiving dinner is definitely worth it - $10 will get you everything you want (even better if you can sneak in). It's a traditional dinner, including a lot of pie. I haven't heard about the annual lobsterbake and if it's still happening. I used to sneak in for Sunday brunch on my boyfriend-now-husband's RA card, which was great for the belgian waffles topped with soft-serve ice cream and strawberry sauce.

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      as a resident tutor in one of harvard's residedntial houses i'm sad to report that they no longer do their annual lobsterbake. in fact, with the rising costs of food the pickings are becoming slim, very slim. generic cereals, too much pasta, and way too much chicken. the made to order omlets are still great and the turkey burger at the grill is one of my favorite things but overall the food is becoming more and more bleh. Luckily my wife and I also have a kitchen.

    2. Definitely not Simmons College. MIT supposedly has a falafel restaurant.. one that was in Watertown. It is delicious and I totally forget the name. But if it is there, it is absolutely worth sneaking on to MIT!

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        Yes, Sepal is on the second floor of the MIT student center. No sneaking in necessary or required --- it's open to the public but everyone, students included, pays in cash.

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          I work and attend graduate school at Simmons. The food is not that bad. They are doing a huge expanision in the Fens on the Main Campus and re-doing Bartol Hall on the res. campus in the next year. Even better things to come!

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            Really? B/c I think it is pretty nasty. It is Amarack after all... there is nothing fresh, nothing local. At least they have veggie burgers for a somewhat healthy alternative.

        2. Harvard Business School has a cafeteria worthy of captains of industry in training. Fresh sushi, line chefs doing sautes to order, incredible salad bar, sinful desserts, beautiful room. Truth be told, the food is pretty good, not great. But by school cafeteria standards, it's worth a detour.

          1. Emerson has a great salad bar. Of course, all you can eat. And each week a different specialty is featured. Sometimes it's Asian soups, burritos, etc.

            1. Any Campus Convenience, like the one on Commonwealth and Hinsdale, has BU's excellent clam chowder on most Fridays. And you don't have to sneak in --you can just buy it there!