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DC/MD French fries?

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I'm on a quest to find the best fresh-cut fries in the dc/suburban md/Baltimore area. Any recommendations?

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  1. There's a Pit Beef place just past Security Square Mall in Baltimore County. It's on Johnnycake Road I believe and it's right next to the overpass for 695. The sandwiches are incredible too but the fries are awesome. You can also pop into Security Square Mall for some Ocean City fries which can't be beat!!!

    1. My favorite french fries in DC are at Brasserie Beck. Along with their mussells and the various dipping sauces---I'm in french fry heaven!!

      1. 5 Guys... Lavandou... Bistrot du Coin

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          Sweet potato fries at Annabel Lee in Canton, Baltimore

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            My favorites are PJ's Pub near Hopkins University at 33rd and Charles. Crisp and dry, fresh cut potatoes, probably fried twice. Kisling's on Fleet St

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              Strangly enough: Le Chat Noir on wisconsin ave. AMAZING fries.

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                Make that duck fat fries at Annabel Lee Tavern in Baltimore. Just stay away from the rest of the menu, aside from the sweet potato fries.

            2. For big, thick-cut french fries, try Duffy's over by the 9:30 club. If you go on a Monday you can get their fish n' chips for $6.95. In my opinion they're the best in DC.

              I also really like the fries at Sequoia, Elephant and Castle, the Breadline, Belga and Brasserie Beck (w/mussels at both). 5 Guys can be good for a fast-food type fry, but I've found it's very hit or miss with them.

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                The fries at Brewers Art on Charles street.........

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                  I agree 100%, these fries, especially when paired with their amazing burgers, are heaven. In DC Gordon Bierche garlic fries are great, and I hear Poste makes good fries

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                  The trick with 5 Guys fries is GET THEM OUT OF THE BAG ASAP. As the steam builds up, those fries soggify at an alarming rate. Within minutes, they're limp as noodles.

                3. Urban Bar-B-Que in Rockville.

                  1. In VA, Eammon's Dublin Chipper in Old Town.

                    Downtown, Sign of the Whale or Stoney's. Granville Moore's on H Street NE are also good with the moulles.

                    I've never had really good fries in MD, but then I think fries are more a delivery vector for the gravy.

                    1. The best fries in MD are the boardwalk fries. I have had them in OC, and from different places. Can't think of any good boardwalk places in the MD suburbs of DC. But the best have Old Bay or Vinegar or both. I also really like the fresh cut fries at Cheeburger, Cheeburger in MD.

                      I also like five guys the spiced ones but agree out of bag in record time is key. BB is good too, and at Eammons, I like the fries better than the fish. But not better than the fried candy bars.

                      My real favorite it the rotary club's fries in Garrett County, MD. Those are the best I have ever had.

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                        Eammons, I agree. Central's fries are great with the tartare.

                      2. 1) Upscale-palena hands down. to die for.
                        2) Amsterdam falafel on 18th st. Had them yesterday in fact. Very tasty.

                        1. THRASHERS IN OCEAN CITY, MD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                            I agree with you, a trip to OC for me is not complete without my Thrashers fries

                          2. In DC -- Les Halles and, perhaps surprisingly, Smith & Wollensky. Good steakhouse burger as well.

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                              I'm a steak frites fan and love the fries at Les Halles since they're more of a "normal" thickness than the razor-thin ones I've had at other French steakhouses, such as Mon Ami Gabi in Bethesda

                              That's not to say that the incredibly thin, crunchy ones at MAG are bad--in fact, they're quite good for what they are. But they're not spongy enough to soak up any of the accompanying juices from the steak--one of my great pleasures in enjoying steak frites.

                            2. If you want to go for a sampling of fries all in one seating, check out Ici Urban Bistro in the Sofitel. They have a variety of fries in various shapes, sizes, and flavors, and a dipping sauce to go with each. When we were there we tried the sweet potato fries with blue cheese, the parsley frites with herb mayonnaise, and the parmesan potato wedges with garlic aioli. All were really tasty and the variety of textures and flavors was great. There were at least two others on the menu but 3 orders were definitely enough for our group. I do look fowrard to going back and trying the others, nonetheless.

                              Sofitel Lafayette Square Washington DC
                              806 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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                                This sounds really interesting and fun. Is it a menu item, happy hour special, lunch/dinner only?

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                                  Menu item available all the time, I believe. There's also the bar in the Sofitel which has a reduced menu from Ici, but I'm pretty sure the fries are on that too.
                                  If you do end up going, please report back, and maybe you'll end up trying some of the fries we didn't get to on our trip...

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                                    I was actually just at Ici tonight with a group of friends-- the fries are most certainly a regular menu item! My favorites were the parsley with garlic mayonnaise and also the Cajun.

                                2. does anyone use suet anymore? (which must be able to turn into an anagram) I remember the smell of road-side burger shacks as a child and you just can't find it.

                                  1. Salt has yummy fries cooked in Duck Fat and they come with 3 dipping aioli's. Horseradish, Black Truffle and Chipolte I believe. Good stuff!

                                    1. Low end- Big Buns' sweet potato fries. High end- Citronelle (and at the Lounge it's not even that high end, but a fun treat).

                                      1. There is a new "gastropub" (oh how I hate that term) in Columbia, MD, Victoria Gastropub, that has fries cooked in duck fat on menu. Go and report, please.

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                                          visited victoria gastropub in mid-september and was pretty thrilled. first time having duck fat fries, and i couldn't get enough. all other dishes good (some better than others). but i dream of those fries...

                                        2. The fries at G Street food are really good... similar to Breadline, but, better.