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Mar 3, 2008 06:14 PM

Braintree Area... Family Reunion Restaurant

Having about 50 folks in Braintree (Tara Sheraton near the mall) in July. Need a decent family style (read: reasonable) within about 15 minutes from Braintree to include Quincy. Any ideas? We all love seafood!

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  1. What do you consider a reasonable price per person for an entree? Different people have different concepts of reasonable.

    Do you want a private room for all 50 people to dine in? Or will people be breaking off to dine in smaller groups?

    1. Is Jimbo's still there? It used to be a decent, reasonably priced seafood restaurant, just down the street from the Sheraton Tara. You could also consider Bertucci's--there's one on Rte. 37 about a mile from the Sheraton.

      At the South Shore Plaza, which is across the street there's a new Cheesecake Factory (which I personally can't stand, but many like) and a Legal Sea Food. I don't know if either has a private room.

      One exit up Rte 128 there's a popular Italian restaraunt called La Scala, where my in-laws recently had a party for 30 people--I believe they have a private room, though be warned that they only take cash.

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        Jimbo's is still there and still smells of stale beer. I can't get past the front door. I think it's because they store their empties at the end of the bar, but it's really noticeable and the place is quite run down. I'm a fan of Bertucci's and they could accomodate a group of 50. Also, the Braintree location is quite pleasant. Another option might be Bella's in Rockland. The Braintree Legals, I don't find to be consistent, but they do have separate dining rooms, the staff is very accomodating, and it can be quite good.