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Mar 4, 2002 12:54 AM


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What is there to know about this Sicilian pastry? I had the Severoli brand from Costco (sorry, nothing fresh). It tasted a little oversweet and it felt rich in texture, not lumpy but smooth like dense frosting. I'm not one with much experience with ricotta + it didn't quell my chocolate craving. Does Trader Joe's carry this dessert also??

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  1. Try Nicolosi in Encino on Ventura Blvd. I have heard they have good Cannoli, my fav was from Sarnos in Los Feliz, but they closed a couple of years ago. Bay Cities in Santa monica have good cannoli as do Sarrentos on Sepulveda.

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      Nicolosi is amazing, I now live in NY and although I admit i havent been to Little Italy now, I still loove Nicolosi, the cream puffs and napoleans too, yumm.

      1. re: Sara

        where is Nicolosi?

        1. re: dolly

          Nicolosi is in Encino, near White Oak if i remember correctly, closer to tarzana than sherman oaks, near a big Ralphs, also a few doors down from Domingos, which is an excellent italian deli. My mom used to go there and pick up some pasta, and amazing sauce and meatballs, and it was the best dinner, and by far the cheapest.

    2. Do you mean "is it supposed to be that sweet?" Many Sicilian pastries are very sweet, and yet their chocolate is bitter. Napoleans are another example of this Italian "flavor."

      These old Italian recipes were started before we had vanilla for flavor. Bakers used rose water instead. So, even today, the flavor follows the original taste. Americans are very used to the flavor of vanilla in their desserts. Then they invented Tira Misu.

      1. The first time, and best, cannoli I ever had was at D'Amore's in the North End in Boston. I think the filling had mascarpone in it.

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          I grew up in Boston........definitely one of the best places for canolli......mmmmmm Mikes Pastry in the North End!

          No, a cannoli should not be too sweet, it should be filled just before serving & should NEVER be topped with anything but a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

          When I first came to LA I ordered a cannoli & was horrified when it came to the table covered in whipped cream, colored sprinkles & topped w/a cherry!

          Bay Cities in Santa Monica has just OK cannoli's. In my opinion they are too sweet. They are also sprinkled with chopped pistachios that are green. Sadly they are pre-filled but I sometimes ask for one without nuts & get a fresh one, though it's still too sweet.

          In january I was in italy & has some AMAZING cannoli...
          everything is better there.

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            Bianca Pizza has a good cannoli, don't know where they get them. Then there's the Sweet Lady Jane version: Vanilla Mousse in a Florentine cookie with ends dipped in chocolate - nothing like the traditional but great in its own right.

        2. Here's the deal with cannolis:

          They should not be too sweet.
          The best cannolis are made with a combination of whole milk riccota and mascarpone, with a rich texture.
          The shells should be light and flaky (never dipped in chocolate either).

          Guiliano's Market in Gardena makes a good one.