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Mar 3, 2008 05:54 PM

Yes 98% of what they make is bad but the_______is fantastic!

I am often asked by friends, "I feel like great Mexican food, what is that place you go to all the time" and I cringe...the food for the most part is bad, not just uninspired but that "Old School" lumps of undefinable food under red sauce and melted cheese kind of bad. Oh, but the warm house made chips and peppery salsa bring me back over and over again...that and the best Margarita I have ever had one too many of! I go all the time, eat my weight in chips and salsa, drink many a stunning Margarita and every time, I order something off the menu only to take a few bites, (I am already full from the chips) and end up pushing the rest of the food around with my fork...other than the occasional scoop of melty cheese and red sauce for my chips. Does anyone else have a restaurant like this in their rotation?? A place that you would never recommend but eat at all the time for that one or two perfect things or is it just me?

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  1. a mexican restaurant in my town comes to mind - i like their enchiladas verdes with chicken, and occasionally their camarones allo diablo (spicy shrimp in a cream sauce with onions), but most other food looks and tastes terrible. i love those two dishes and mexican beer though so, i can't go wrong.

    1. oddly enough, it's a mexican place for me as well.

      in the very small town i work in, there's 1 mexican place, and it serves the usual combo-plate dreck. however, they have a "secret" menu for other latino/hispanics, and i stumbled onto the secret. so, i can get stuff there that most other gringos can't. i thoroughly enjoy it, but can't recommend it to others unless i go with them.

      other than that, there are a few places that i think do one menu item really well, but are otherwise pretty awful. i have no qualms about being very specific in my recommendations for those places.

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        A Mexican restaurant in West warwick that is bland and mostly just not good EXCEPT for their "Wings of Fire" which are awesome...

      2. We have a bar/eatery nearby that serves standard bar food---hamburgers, hot dogs, pork tenderloin sandwiches, etc. The hamburgers and such aren't inedible, but certainly not choworthy. But their fried shrimp is OUT OF THIS WORLD! They have a panko-like coating and are always fried to perfection---never greasy or over-cooked. Honestly, I've ordered fried shrimp at seafood restaurants around the country and have not found any as well-cooked as these. The price is ridiculously cheap, too. The shrimp comes with 2 sides---which sadly tend to fall into the "other" category!

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          Thank goodness, I was starting to worry that it was only Mexican if only I could get a basket of your shrimp and my chips and salsa and wash it down with my Margarita....

        2. Mexican for me too - the place I'm thinking of is not really bad, just kind of boring, with one exception: their spicy sauteed chicken livers (higaditos Mexicanos), which are outstanding!

          1. There is a place near me- a pub type restaurant. Most of the food is ghorrible- even the baked potatoes!! But their patty melts are wonderful- and their beer is icy cold! Would never get anything else on the menu, though!