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Mar 3, 2008 05:06 PM

Pastrami, Hot Dogs and Pizza near Eatontown, Asbury Park, Jersey Shore

Hi, I'm staying in Eatontown for a few days visiting family. I am mainly on the hunt for good pastrami, Hot Dogs or maybe pizza. I have been to Katz in NYC and it was the best pastrami I have ever tasted. Unfortunately I won't be making it to Manhattan this time 'round so I am looking for something local.

Also if there are any other gems of the area I should know about (I am not seeking out fine dining) feel free to share those too.

Thanks, and sorry if this is a question that comes up often but I didn't find much using the search function.

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  1. Hot dogs: The Windmill is not bad. Your nearest locations would be in Long Branch or Red Bank. I prefer the food at Red Bank Windmill. The Long Branch location has fun outdoor seating.
    IMO, the nearest good hot dog is the Italian at Jersey Joes in Port Monmouth.
    If you want a Very Good hot dog, travel about 30 miles north to Union Township -- the hot dog stand at Galloping Hill Inn.
    You might wan to post your hot dog query on They are serious about NJ dogs.

    My favorite places in and near Eatontown:
    Far East Taste -- Very casual chinese restaurant with some very nice Thai-inspired comfort food. I like Tom Yam bean curd soup, basil fish.
    All Mixed Up -- Salads, burritos, sandwiches. Everything very fresh and good quality. Nice casual seating area. If you are staying at the sheraton, All Mixed Up is close by and delivers (for a fee).
    The diner just south of the Sheraton. Blue Swan? It's pretty good, as far as diners go in this area. You can get a good breakfast.

    Far East Taste
    19 Main St, Eatontown, NJ 07724

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    1. re: val ann c

      Note, within the past year, Far East Taste has been sold. It's still pretty good, but chef/owner Richard is no longer at the helm...

    2. Katz's pastrami is in a class by itself, so even other NYC delis don't measure up. That said, let me be blunt. Looking for pastrami of that caliber in this area of NJ is a totally hopeless endeavor. The fact is, to find even decent pastrami, you will have to travel north of the Jersey Shore area.

      In Manalapan, Jesse & David's has very good pastrami with a major caveat: You must insist that it be the fattiest they have on hand. In other words, lean = shoe leather. They have excellent homemade potato knishes, and the freshly-made crinkle-cut fries are delicious. You can also get a good kosher hot dog.

      With regard to pizza, our favorite place is Pete & Elda's, in Neptune, famous for serving the best thin-crust pizza in the area.

      Edited to add: I just came across a comment on this thread -- -- that there is excellent pastrami to be had in Asbury Park at a restaurant called Plan B.

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      1. re: RGR

        For deli I would make the half hour drive up north on the GSP to Harold's in Edison. Its the closest you are going to get to a NYC deli experience. In fact the owner Harold Jaffee used to own and operate the Carnegie Deli. As for hot dogs, I agree with Val and suggest you stop at either the Windmill or Max's. I would order one deep fried for the true Jersey experience ala Rutt's Hut. While I agree with RGR that Pete and Elda's is a popular pizza attraction in the area, I'm one of the minority detractors who finds the pizza to taste like tomato and cheese covered matzohs. Since you are already here, why not make the pilgrimage to DeLorenzo's in Trenton for what is celebrated as some of the best pizza in the USA. Val also makes an excellent suggestion with regard to Far East Taste. Order anything off the chalkboard but don't expect much from the decor. Good Luck and happy eating.

        1. re: bgut1

          Hey, b.,

          I would describe the crust on the pizza at Pete & Elda's as pastry-like. I only wish matzoh would taste even half as good! lol

          1. re: bgut1

            Goldens Deli on Staten Island is about the same distance and the portion sizes are actually human!

            However nothing beats the sizes if it is the first time as a Harolds.

            1. re: F77

              I'm a fan of Harold's as well, but a little closer to Eatontown would be Richard's Deli @155 Brighton Ave in Long Branch. Definately Pete & Elda's for pizza, and Windmill or Max's for hot dogs - but I think OGguy is right, Max's might not be open for the season yet.

              1. re: DrewBB

                I'm going to jump on the bandwagon:

                Richard's for pastrami.
                Windmill for a dog.
                Pete & Elda's for pizza.

                1. re: fershore

                  Thank you, Thank you! Just had Richard's pastrami for lunch and I washed it down with a nice hot dog as well. The pastrami was great, enough fat to keep it moist and the spice was excellent...not too granular. I didn't know of this place, and it's certainly closer than Manalapan or Edison. I'd put the pastrami up against Jesse and David's, haven't been to Harold's in a while so I won't comment there.

                  Btw, the dog was a great Jewish deli dog (grilled), nice and spicy with kraut.

                  1. re: fershore

                    I'm on the same bandwagon as fershore. You can also get a great Kosher dog at Richards. Everything is great at Pete& Eldas.

              2. re: bgut1

                bgut1: I agree regarding Pete & Elda's. I don't like their pizza.

                1. re: vtt7

                  Thanks vtt7. Nice to know I'm not alone. :)

                  1. re: bgut1

                    I hate their pizza, it is like eating stuff on a piece of paper. tried the thicker crust and not good either. Like CBO in Bradley.

              3. re: RGR

                Interesting - I agree 100% with you that lean pastrami is not always good pastrami. Go for the gusto! By the way have you ever tried Ben's at 38th and 7th Ave in NYC ? It will give Katz's a run for their money...

                1. re: RGR

                  Any updates on Plan B? Any idea why the post you linked to was removed?
                  Just checking.
                  One more question: Any comments on having a rehearsal dinner at Richard's Deli in Long Branch? Thanks.

                  1. re: vibiaron

                    I checked on PlanB's website and can't find any mention of Pastrami on the menu now. I do want to try the Angus Burger and figure it in to all of the burger comparisons of late...

                    1. re: vibiaron

                      I have never been to an event at Richards. But I have brought large family groups there for lunch. The wait-staff is exceedingly nice and everyone liked the food. IMO the food ranges from good to very good, but not excellent.

                      Depending on how casual you want to be, consider Jesse's Cafe -- just down the street from Richards. She does a lot of events. The space looks really nice for a party.

                      Jessie's Cafe
                      139 Brighton Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740

                      1. re: vibiaron


                        I know zilch about Plan B. I'm guessing the moderators removed the post I linked to because they felt something about it wasn't "kosher." ;-)

                        1. re: RGR

                          Thanks, RGR and to all of you. At this point it looks like we're going to have the dinner at Tre Amici in Long Branch.

                    2. hey is Max's hotdogs still in existence in Long Branch?

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                      1. re: lori529

                        Yes, but it may not be open yet, either.

                        1. re: lori529

                          They were in business this summer. The hot dogs and fries were so good. I'm almost positive they're closed this time of year.

                        2. The best (and gargantuan in size) place for pastrami is Irv's Deli in Neptune on Hwy 33, across from Jersey Shore Medical Center. All is good there.

                          1. Thanks for all the tips everyone, it's very much appreciated.

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                              Pizza: I agree with everyone who posted for Pete & Eldas. The pizzeria is actually called Carmen's (bar is Pete & Eldas) and the pizza is unlike any other and certainly worth a try if in the area.

                              Hot Dogs: Try a Windmill dog - there are several: Belmar, two in Long Branch, Asbury Park near Ocean Grove, et al

                              Pastrami: for a non-traditional pastrami sandwich I would highly suggest that you try one of the open faced sandwiches at Clancy's or Kelly's in Neptune. They have the same ownership and have the best open faced reuben. They definitely have regular pastrami sandwiches on rye, but I also believe they have a delicious open faced pastrami sandwich. Be prepared for a lot of Swiss cheese. The rest of the menu at Kelly's and Clancy's is also very good, best pub food in the area.