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Mar 3, 2008 04:47 PM

MSP--- Green Chili...? ? ?

A very good friend of mine lives in Denver, and every now and then the subject of green chili comes up when we talk. Each time she mentions it, it sounds sooo good to me. My mouth just waters..... But I don’t think I’ve ever seen it here. I get the impression from looking on line that it’s a fairly regional thing, mostly Colorado and New Mexico. But I could be wrong, (it happens from time to time.....)

Anybody know of places to go in the Twin Cities for a bowl of green...?

Uncle Ira

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  1. I've yet to find a satisfying bowl of green chile. Pasqual's used to serve it but they've been gone for years... If you find something good, let us know!

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    1. re: bob s

      I just found out about La Fonda De Los Lobos, a restaurant in Eagan that says it's "Southwestern", not Mexican. They have green chile on their menu, and reading through their entire menu, this place sounds like what we're looking for. Going there today.

      1. re: Schifty

        It might just be the real thing. If it is, there will be a number of people on this board that will be frequenting to obtain the elusive chili fix! Please report back.

        1. re: Schifty

          OK. I just ate their green chile. It's spicy hot. Made me sweat. It is an awfully tasty sauce, green chiles in a thickened broth. I think there's tomatillas in there, but that flavor doesn't stand out. Comes with 3 tortillas and a very large bag of chips. No spoon necessary. Can be added to most menu items too. Not green chile stew, but pretty good for what it is. My search continues...

          1. re: Schifty

            Thanks for the report. That's a bummer. All this green chili talk drove me to the skyway Zantigo today for my pseudo fix. The search continues...

      2. El Burrito Mercado sometimes has (or had), in their mix of available guisados, puerco con chile verde - chunks of pork in a mildly-spicy green-chili sauce. Not sure if that's the same thing, but it's mighty tasty!


        El Burrito Mercado
        175 Cesar Chavez St, St Paul, MN 55107

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        1. re: AnneInMpls

          Tasty though it may be, I'm pretty certain that what EBM is serving isn't New Mexican Hatch green chile. It is a very regional thing.

          I've been acutely on the lookout for green chile ever since paoconnell posted about it here and haven't found it yet. The most likely place to find it (this time of year--fresh green chile has a very very short season) would be a restaurant that specifically focused on Southwestern cooking or in the freezer sections of your grocery. It's really hard to get outside of the Southwest unless you make a specific effort to secure some.

          And, Uncle Ira, though green chile can be used in chili (my favorite being green chile turkey stew, which, now that I think about it, isn't really chili, it's stew), it has so many other delicious applications, including use in salsas and on burgers and such. Your friend in Colorado is right--it is delicious and absolutely worth being on a quest for.

          Good luck with your quest. I'm still looking and will definitely post when I find some!


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            Thanks, TDQ. The terms can get a little confusing--- Whether you’re talking about the peppers themselves, or the stuff you eat a big bowl of with a beer. I love green chili salsas.... It would be great if there was someplace in town to have a bowl of the Colorado / New Mexico style chile.

            With you and me both keeping our eyes open, we just might get us some...;-)

            Uncle Ira

            1. re: Uncle Ira

              Well, to further clarify, though I'm not in the Twin Cities.
              I'd say Chile Verde exists in the whole West/Southwest and includes tomatillos while the NM/Colorado(i've also had it in Wyoming)
              Green Chile Stew is made entirely with peppers and frequently includes potatoes. Seems to follow the spine of the Rockies.

            2. re: The Dairy Queen

              Thanks for the clarification, TDQ. Sounds delicious - now I want some, too!


              1. re: AnneInMpls

                I moved here 20+ years ago from New Mexico and although I still have the green chile addiction, I have yet to find a true NM green chile stew. Pasquals, when it existed, was the closest I was able to find. Now I have to buy the frozen green chiles from NM and have them shipped. (They make a great birthday present!)

                You may not want to develop an addiction, as it is almost impossible to break and it is difficult and expensive to feed it once you've developed it!

                1. re: mnsnow

                  Yeah, you're not going to find anything here like it was in New Mexico - - I'm from there as well and miss the food almost as much as I miss the environment.

                  You can actually get fresh chiles from Hatch if you're willing to pay for them. Had my neighbors very intrigued last year when I was roasting them on the grill ;)

          2. I know it sounds stupid, but try Zantigo. They have a green chili burrito (hot) and you can get it in a bowl too. It's the closest thing I've found to New Mexican green chili/stew since I left the southwest. Cub also will have Hatch green chili in Aug/Sept and it is labled as such, but they are usually only around for a couple of weeks and you have to roast your own. Boy do I miss the smell of roasting green chili on a crisp fall day.

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            1. re: ssioff

              Wow..... Really? Zantigo’s? That’s one reply I didn’t expect to get..... I didn’t even know there were any of those were still around. It’s got to be close to 20 years since I’ve been to one. I had to check their website for locations. I’ll give it a shot next time I’m near one.....


              Uncle Ira

              1. re: Uncle Ira

                There is one in Bloomington and one in the St. Paul skyways. Those are the ones I know where they are. The Bloomington one is at about 98th and Lyndale, I think.

            2. I've yet to see it at a restaurant, but I did have some homemade green chili at someone's house, and it was excellent. I'm betting there would be a sizable enough market for it in town.

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              1. re: pgokey

                OK-so I know it's not authentic, and the chicken chunks taste like chicken chunks-but if you are looking for something to take with you to eat at work, I tried Trader Joe's frozen green chili. Not fantastic-a little watery, but it had a really good kick---it was pretty spicy.

                1. re: jenniegirl

                  Zantigo's is what came to my mind too-I'm not sure if you can get a bowl,but the burritos are great.I have a weakness for the hot cheese chilitos too.We used to make after bar scarf-fests at the hilltop location in Mankato.(which is now called Zanz-complete with the washed out 1980's lit menu boards inside)

              2. No one out side of Colorado and New Mexico seems to have a clue what green chili really is!!! It is so sad!
                I grew up in Colorado and on green chili, now I live in the North West and am DIEING with out it!
                I have had to start making my own. Which is not an easy task. Green chilies are not that easy to find out here, and nothing compares to Pueblo Chilies!
                If you are really wanting some, my best advice is to make it yourself. I don't feel there is any one set recipe to follow. You kind of need to just do what sounds good to you (after following a basic recipe idea) and then just modify it by trial and error.
                If you have never had real Colorado green chili, then it may be hard for you to make yourself. My suggestion is to get your friend in Denver to ship you some to try first.
                Good luck! Green chili is an addiction (as mnsnow said) and finding good green chili to your taste is tough, once you've had the good stuff, you'll never want to go back and not be satisfied with anything other than "that one perfect bowl you had that one time at that one place"!

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                1. re: ChristiKat

                  I may be headed to Golden in a couple of weeks, and although I have not found anything like what I used to get in Pueblo, it will definitely be nice to have a bowl of green chili. The best place in the twin Cities I have found for Green Chili is Baja Sol.


                  I go to the one in Inver Grove Heights. Their green chili is the closest I've been able to find since leaving Colorado.

                  1. re: qajohn

                    It's May 10, 2014, and I called them asking about green chile. They only have a green salsa now. Dang