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Mar 3, 2008 04:27 PM

best places to take visitors - san diego

suggestions for places to take a visiting guest? not neccessarily looking for a foodie experience. looking for somewhere with either a view, semi-scene or mellow wine bar. or somewhere with a great happy hour menu!

thoughts at this point are:
c level
hotel solamar rooftop
arterra lounge

would prefer downtown / hillcrest / mission hills area of town.

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  1. If the weather is nice, drinks on the patio at C Level is hard to beat. Great view and pleasant enough surroundings. Food has always been inconsistent to me, but if you have to have food, the apps can be pretty good.

    For a mellow wine bar try either 3rd Corner or The Vine, both in OB

    1. I always love the deck at the Fish Market downtown. It is sort of a hidden gem as you can eat or drink as much as you want and sit back & relax in the comfy chairs.

      Bite SD & Starlight lounge both have good to fantastic food as well as fun scenes.

      1. View: I agree on C Level and Hotel Solamar Rooftop. If you want to step up the food one more notch I suggest Island Prime. And then for another step you could do Mr. A's which has an amazing view (especially at sunset).

        Scene: Maybe Bondi, Basic or The Field. Bondi was pretty fun the one time I went there and they've got solid Australian food and beers. I've only been to Basic late at night so I can't speak to it during more normal hours, but for late night eating and an atmosphere it's good stuff. The Field has pretty damned good authentic Irish food and an great pub atmosphere. The Boxties are excellent.

        Wine Bar: Wine Steals in Hillcrest is my favorite.

        1. And for a view of the city from a different perspective, don't forget to include Coronado in the mix. The view of San Diego from there is spectacular at night!

          1. Everyone has given great suggestions and to add to the mix, I like the Bali mai tais and they have some pretty decent food..views are stunning.
            Love C level/Island Prime and the food is getting better.
            Outside on the deck of the Fish Market is always a good time.
            Top of the Hyatt
            Bertrand's at Mister A's
            Any rooftop bar in the Gaslamp..during a Padre game the Marriott Gaslamp has a fun bar..across the street from Petco Park.
            Hotel Del
            Brigantine Shelter Island for the Happy hour
            If you venture North..
            Jake's Del Mar
            George's Modern
            Marine Room
            Crab Catcher on the patio
            La Valencia out on the patio overlooking the Pacific.

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              Jake's Del Mar evokes such pleasant memories of the ocean rolling in as we dined on fresh shrimp and fish tacos.

              Great place for lunch...outdoors on the patio, you'll never want to leave.