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Cooking Schools/Classes in San Francisco?

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I am a professional working 8 to 5 in SOMA district.

I'm want to take cooking classes in the evenings. I can't find classes that are less than $100 per class, and they seem like one off classes - that are more for group entertainment/corporate events than actual learning.

Does anyone know of more affordable classes - they can be longer in length (evenings/weekends only), or know of people that will come to your home to teach you how to cook (pay hourly)?

I am interested in learning how to cook cuisines from across the globe.

Thanks! :)

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  1. City College has some:


    1. You are in luck. In The Kitchen Culinary Education Center is opening just over the GG in Sausalito. You put your name on their mailing list by writing to Info@ITKculinary.com. ITK will have lots of great hands on classes for you to choose from.