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Mar 3, 2008 04:03 PM

Straffe Hendrick????

Years ago while traveling in Brugge Belgum I had the good fortune to stumble across this brewery. Perhaps the best beer I've ever tasted. Some time ago, a wine store in Santa Monica, CA that carried the beer informed me that they ran into issues with the beer's distributor and no longer carry the lable. Has anyone spotted some Straffe Hendrick recently? I've just finished the last of my supply and would like some more stat. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I know its not your vacation beer, but there are plenty of Belgian blonde/golden ales available in the US that are of equal or better quality. Duvel is one of the most popular of the style. Others are Witkap Pater stimulo, La Trappe blonde, Troubadour blonde, De Koninck, Val-Dieu blonde, Jenlain blonde, Maredsuos 6, Affligem blonde, La Chouffe, Moinette blond, Corsendonk Pale ale. You could go on and on with this "style" without even getting into Triple territory.

    And if available in your area, seek out Russian River Damnation - one of the classiest beers in the world - brewed in your home state.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I've sampled many, but not all of the beers that you've listed. I'll have to give some of the others a try. Do appear to be quite knowledgeable on the subject. . . do you have a favorite of the beers that you've listed.

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        For the belgian golden/blonde style I like Duvel and you can't go wrong with La Chouffe. I also prefer some of the hoppier versions that I did not list - Poperinges Hommelbier is one of my favorites as well as De Dolle Ara bier, Augustijn, or the Chimay white label.

    2. While I can't offer much help in finding this beer in the US, I can commiserate. Visited the brewery on my honeymoon 6 yrs ago and loved it. After that, I saw it a few times around Philly but it's been a while.

      1. I used to see it at Wine Expo (same store?) but not in a while. I never sought it out because it just didn't do it for me among other beers of the style. I did really like the brewery tour when I was there in 2001.

        But what I can find on line, De Halve Maan seems to have been taken over by Riva. The current Halve Maan web site only shows the Brugges Zot line of beers which I've seen at retail in a bunch of places but I've never had them. It could be the same line of beers with a new label or Straffe Hendrick may be a dead brand.

        You could post the question at . I know a couple of regular posters over there live in or around Brugges and probably know more.

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          Wine Expo indeed. I went so far as to e-mail the brewery directly and never received a response. I'll take your suggestions and check out other websites to track them down.