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Mar 3, 2008 03:53 PM

Anniversary party for @25 guests Plano area, where?

We are having a small luncheon party, for my parents 60th anniversary. They and my sister are in Plano and I would like some recommendations for places with private dining rooms in the area. Not too fancy, good food and service, not Mexican or BBQ please. We'd like to keep the food and wine/beer south of $50./head plus tip. Any ideas? Thanks from Seattle.

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  1. Might give Jorg's Cafe Vienna a call. They have a big Bier Garten in the back. Small and your group would probably fill up the place I believe everyone could get out of there for $50/person w/tip. Great Austrian food and very different for the Dallas scene! I would call and ask if they can accomodate

    Bavarian Grill is a bigger place similar cuisine more brats and all that. Very loud and not too fancy.

    Not sure how you feel about authentic Chinese but there are a few recs for that also.

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      Thanks Lewisville,

      Sounds interesting but not really the type of cuisine these folks would appreciate and too heavy for June IMHO. Any other ideas?

    2. Call Zanders and see if they can work with you. They don't have a private DR, per se, but have half of the restaurant pretty much unused except when they book parties. It's marvelous Vietnamese food, very innovative and well executed. They can put together a menu for you in that price range if you so designate.

      1. Terelli's in Frisco has great food and a beautiful private room.

        Buca di Beppo also in Frisco has several private rooms. Buca is a chain though.

        Patrizio's (Plano)

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          Thanks for the replys, I'm heading for TX tomorrow and will check out Zanders, and Terelli's if Frisco isn't too far. There is a Buca di Beppo here too. I'll see what my parents and sister have to say.