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Mar 3, 2008 03:50 PM

Yucca recipe?

Does anyone have a great recipe for a vodka drink called "yucca"? I had it at a restaurant it and it was great. It's lemons, limes, lots of vodka, and sugar. I need the right proportions. Thanks in advance.

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    1. Ok, in case anyone searches for a recipe, here is one I found from a local bar, I tried it, and it works great. This is potent, potent stuff so be careful with it. It also tastes like great lemonade, and sneaks up on you. I brought a gallon of yucca to a weekend beach trip for 10 adults. The first thing you need is a glass gallon jug. I bought a gallon of organic apple cider and enjoyed the cider and had a jug. It also helps to have a funnel.

      2 cups of sugar
      6 cups water
      Juice of 6 lemons
      Juice of 6 limes
      1.5 liter bottle of good-very good vodka

      soda straws

      In a large pan, dissolve the sugar in the water. When it cools, add the lemon and lime juices. Very carefully (a funnel helps here), pour the mixture into the gallon jug. In the same way, add the whole bottle of vodka to the jug. Put the cap on the jug and shake the jug to mix the liquids together. Chill in a refrigerator of in a cooler full of ice. Serve in smallish glasses filled with ice. Drink through a straw.

      1. I just saw your post. I was at a party last week and the guy that was making the Yucca learned it from when he was in the military, so this is a pretty legit recipe, and it tastes amazing! You are going to need 4-6 lemons (depending if they are the big lemons or the smaller ones - if they are bigger then use 4 if not then use 6), a big gallon size glass pickle jar, 2 cups of regular sugar, a half handle of vodka (it's not necessary to use top shelf but i wouldn't suggest using a really cheap kind either -- i would suggest go middle of the road or if you can afford it top shelf) and a lot of ice. I learned tha this first thing you do is important. You want to roll the lemons on the counter first with your hands until you feel your hands get a little oily. This is good you want to get the oils out first and then you will hear the lemon make like a popping sound. This should all only take about 10 seconds per lemon. Once it makes that sound you are good to go. After you do this with each lemon then cut the lemons in half and squeeze all the juice out of them into the jar. Then drop the lemons inside. Next put 2 cups of sugar in. Then put a half handle of vodka in and then put a lot of ice in. It really depends on your preference on how much ice you want to put in there. I put a lot. Then get a towel and wrap the jar inside the towel (Make sure the lid is on very tight) and start shaking it. You can shake it anyway you want as long as it is constantly moving for 20 min. If you are at a party pass it around so everyone can take part in it, because it can get tiring and very heavy lol. After 20 min, unwrap the jar and if it is frosted and the towel kind of like "peels" off of the jar, that is a very good thing, and then open it and drink it. The whole point of shaking it is to dissolve all the sugar. If you don't think you have shook it enough, you can always shake it more. Sometimes I would even go for 25 minutes. We would then take a drink and pass it around till the jar is gone. I am telling you this is the best drink I have ever tasted and it gets you really messed up. Hope everyone enjoyed this!!! Happy partying!!!