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Mar 3, 2008 03:49 PM

Meeting for coffee or drink in north Toronto?

I'm meeting a friend who is coming in from 905 area. I don't want him to trek all the way downtown. Can any one suggest a cozy place not downtown, reachable by TTC? Thanks.

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  1. Try Mirage cafe at the Sheppard Center. High ceilings, newly renovated and furnished, great coffee drinks, desserts. It's a family owned business and service is wonderful. It's attached to the Sheppard Grande cinemas but unfortunately for Mirage it doesn't bring them much business.

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      I dont think a lot of people know of a hang-out place such as Mirage. That's something unique to Scarborough - a coffee shop that also serves alcoholic drinks.

      I think there's some things up near Woodbine and Steeles as well. There's a bar there, but am not sure what it's called. Maybe other Hounds could help me?

    2. Mirage is also licensed.

      1. If you're inclined to have a drink rather than coffe, the Abbot (Yonge, north of Lawrence) is an upscale, cozy pub (with great food if you feel like grabbing a bite).