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Mar 3, 2008 03:42 PM

Just ate at Joes Pizza in NY and Santa Monica

Ok so call me crazy but I was in NY for less than 24 hours and had a chance to eat at Joes Pizza on 6th and Bleeker. Tried a slice of cheese and a slice of Sicilian. Excellent!
Once I land in LAX I immediately drive to Santa Monica to meet my wife for lunch. We meet at Joes Pizza in Santa Monica 3rd st promenade. I also get a slice of cheese and a Sicilian slice. Just as good as the NY spot. Only difference being that the NY Joes might have been alittle bit saltier in taste. I was a little drunk when i ate the pizza in NY so? Nonetheless Joes Pizza in Santa Monica just as good as Joes in NY. Crust and sauce the same. I know alot of heads in here hate on Joes Pizza in SM. Just my 2cents.

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  1. Your assessment is correct. Those who hate do so because they don't know. They are comparing Joes to some other preconceived idea of what New York pizza, or pizza in general, is supposed to be. There are many variations on both. But for its intended niche, Joes is by far the best-of-breed.

    1. I applaud your rational approach in pizza comparison.

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      1. re: J.L.

        I agree. It takes a certain type of dedication to consume the same pizza 3k miles apart within 24 hours of each other. Even more so to report about it!

      2. I was in NYC over new years, and I too stopped by the NY location, and a few days after I got back went to the Santa Monica location. Definitely almost exactly the same, I love both. I love NY style pizza and so far Joe's is some of the best I have found in LA although I need to get over and try Vito's sometime.

        1. OP is a champion who should be exalted. Very good to know the truth.

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          1. re: sloanedone

            awesome, i must try Joe's now. the one in SM.

          2. i did the same thing with langers and katz's for pastrami a few years back....


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              1. re: Foodandwine

                I think most New Yorkers, while disagreeing about what pastrami place is best, would agree that Katz's is not the best (personally, I have no opinion, as I've never had pastrami in my life, but this is what my friend said). Most people like whatever place they grew up with the best.

                I would imagine that the person who preferred Langers probably didn't grow up eating pastrami in NYC, though it's just a guess.

                Same deal with Joe's - I don't think many people would argue that Joe's is the best example of NY pizza. While the Joe's in LA is about as good as it gets for NY style pizza in LA, there are plenty of better options in NY.

                ps - As if a thread about NY style pizza wasn't contentious enough on Chowhound, you have to bring up pastrami too?

                1. re: will47

                  will47, I agree with your analogy generally but many NY hounds do indeed rate Katz's #1. I think you'll find there are many more detractors of Joe's NYC. Also, someone mentioned the Sicilian, which I really didn't like at Joe's SM. I personally stick with the round pies with pepperoni, which adds just the right amount of oil...