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Mar 3, 2008 03:33 PM

Las Vegas Strip breakfast (Luxor side)

So here's the deal-we will be in LV in April for three nights. For breakfast, DH will most probably skip or go the fast food route (I know, but he's so cute, I can't divorce him just for that!). Is there anywhere on the Luxor side of the strip where I can hop in for a great breakfast? I have read all the raves about Bouchon (saw Giada go there on Food Network, too), but I can't swing going that far out of my way-we won't have a car. I may try to convince DH to go there one morning...

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  1. Nancy and I had a great breakfast at Veranda @ The Four Seasons. This is an easy walk from the Luxor. Very nice room, food and service were top notch. Not cheap, but you knew that. You can order off the menu (which we did) or they have a buffet. The buffet did not look special except for a guy making donuts to order.

    1. The Verandah at The Four Seasons (part of the Mandalay Bay complex, just south of Luxor) is frequently mentioned as an excellent breakfast spot. Based on my one breakfast there, I'd agree. See for details of my meal.

      1. We were staying at Mandalay in Feb. and found the breakfast options in that area to be pretty minimal. If you want a later start to your morning meal, the breakfast sandwiches at Wichcraft (at MGM) are good. Available after 10am I think. Chocolate Swan, in the mall between Luxor and MB, brews Peet's Coffee but only has a few packaged-looking pastries. Red, White and Blue (in MB) was busy all the time but we didn't think it was much better than just okay. Bouchon does breakfast until 10.30 and it was one of the best breakfasts I've ever had anywhere. Well worth the trip up the Strip.