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Mar 3, 2008 03:04 PM

cooking with moose sausage

ok, so, down in the depths of my freezer, i have a bag containing moose sausage. i had a roast as well, which i braised and it was edible... kinda. so, i'm a little nervous about dealing with the sausage.

any tips?

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  1. Is it loose or in casings? Do you know if it had any fat added when it was made? Sorry to hear about your roast. What didn't you like about it?

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    1. re: morwen

      i know nothing about the sausage except that it is moose and in casings. it would appear that there are flecks of fat in it, but other than that... it's mystery meat for dinner! (or, whenever i get up the nerve to cook it...)

      the roast was really, freakin' tough. however, i chopped it up super small and threw it in the crock pot with various veggies, etc and turned it into a stew. after cooking for over a day like that it's super tender and quite tasty.

      1. re: dani_k

        If she had it made up at a processor they probably added beef or pork fat to it and then the standard sausage spices. Cook it like you would brats in beer or my preference, simmered in wine and veggies like a braise. I haven't done moose but I have caribou in my freezer. When I do the sausages, I brown them, take them out, add sliced bell pepper and sliced onion to the pan, sweat it for a bit and then pour in white wine (you may prefer beer). Then I return the sausages and simmer for awhile.

        I'm not a big crock pot fan, never had much success with it. I don't get it because I do braises all the time and you wouldn't think it would be any different done in the oven but for me it is. When I do a caribou roast I marinate it in white wine, olive oil, s&p, garlic, rosemary and juniper berries. The first roast I did I marinaded it in red wine which I usually use for deer, but it was too strong for the caribou. Again, I browned it off in the dutch oven, removed it and sweated carrots, celery and onion and some parsley. Replaced the roast, covered it with strips of bacon, added about a cup and a half of the marinade and then put it in a 300 degree oven for about 3 hours. Caribou is extremely lean and I'm thinking moose might be too. If you didn't cover it with bacon or added fat in some way, that might be where it went leathery. It dried out. Other game chefs/cooks I know will actually thread bacon through the roast to make sure it gets basted with fat. Also I check it regularly to be sure the liquid in the pot hasn't evaporated and add a bit more water or stock if it gets low.

        I'm braising caribou shanks for dinner tonight as we speak and the aroma is making it difficult to get through the afternoon!

        1. re: morwen

          thanks! sounds tasty.

          i agree that the crock pot is not quite as good as an oven. but, for long cooking, it tends to have its advantages.

    2. Tell us what you did (precisely) with the roast, and I might be able to offer some tips. As to the sausage... raw or cured?

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      1. re: hungry_pangolin

        precisely, i can't remember exactly what all i added to it. i was in a rush, so i didn't spend a lot of time researching - just tossed stuff together and ran out the door. slow cooker, all day. in a broth (maybe i added a can of tomatoes? or was that after?) with spices/herbs and some brandy and veg. it was leather tough. as i said in the reply to the post above, i turned it into a stew and cooked it for another full day and it came out super tender and tasty.

        sausage, no idea. it's in casings. someone gave it to a friend, who in turned handed it over to me, and i havent seen her in a while - she wouldnt know anyway.

      2. I use moose sausage same way I would any other sausage but tend to use a bit more oil as we don't put too much fat in ours when we make it. Here's some ideas:

        In a dutch oven or similar, brown garlic and onions in a bit of olive oil. Add the sausage and brown. Add red wine to almost cover, season with pepper, basil, oregano as desired. Place in 300ish oven and bake. Serve as is with sides, slice and serve as appetizer, or plop it in a bun with condiments

        Slice and brown in skillet. Add bourbon or beer and brown sugar. Kick it up with some red pepper flakes or chopped hot peppers, add worcestershire if you like, season as desire and simmer. Serve warm as an appetizer.