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Mar 3, 2008 01:02 PM

Fun Business Dinner in Georgetown: Cabanas or Ristorante Piccolo?

I haven't seen any reviews for Cabanas or Ristorante Piccolo on this board, and was hoping someone could help guide me in the right direction.

Here are the details: I'm planning a dinner on Sunday night for 6 people in town for a conference who want to go to Georgetown for dinner. No seafood, since the last time we all ate together that is what we had. Prefer more upscale but not stuffy, and less than 35/entree. Both Cabanas and Piccolo fit the bill, but I don't know anything about either of them. Open to more suggestions as well!!

Thanks everyone!

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  1. I wouldn't recommend either of them, actually. If you're willing to leave Georgetown, I'd steer you to some of the new bistros like Central and Brasserie Beck - they're not stuffy, but the food is excellent.

    Non-seafood options like that are lacking in Georgetown. I think I'd probably recommend Neyla for nice Mediterranean or, if you are willing to go a bit more casual, Bonaparte, higher up on Wisconsin. South of M on Wisconsin is Filomena, which is an old-school Italian place with some good pasta.

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      I wouldn't choose either of those places, either. Other options, besides Katecm's great recs, would be La Chaumiere (definitely make a reservation), Bistro Francais and Bangkok Joe's. Besides Neyla, there's a nice Med. place farther up Wisconsin but I'm blanking on the name - it's much closer to the Social Safeway.

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        Oh, yes, Cafe Divan. And also high up on Wisconsin is Bistro Lepic, which is excellent.

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          Thanks. I just couldn't remember the name Cafe Divan. I had a great time there the last time I went.

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          cafe divan.

          [edited to add: should have refreshed the screen!]

      2. Thank you all so very much - I scoured Open Table for reservations and those were the only two that I found that could seat six at 8:30. I know that neither place is really that great, but I felt like my options were limited.

        I looked into Neyla, and thought that the menu might be overwhelming for diners that aren't adventerous. As I don't know two of the gentlemen, I don't want them to feel uncomfortable.

        I will look into Cafe Divan, Bistro Francais, and La Chaumiere.

        I owe you guys - thanks a ton!! I'm very new at these business dinners and really appreciate your help!!

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          If you have other choices that you couldn't find on Open Table I suggest calling the restaurant directly. Many restaurants don't put all their reservations up on Open Table so you still may be able to get a table.

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            So true. La Chaumiere, for example, consistently holds back their prime evening hours from Open Table. But I've called and been able to get a reservation, even on short notice. I think both Neyla and Dave Divan would be OK for the timid - there are always skewered meat options, and that isn't really very challenging. The food is not hot-spicy. La Chaumiere has a cozy rustic French atmosphere, but the tables are quite close together, so if you are discussing sensitive information, be warned.