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Mar 3, 2008 01:01 PM

Downtown Bmore Pho?

Besides Baltimore Pho (actually I just read that post right now and it doesn't seem too promising so far).

Do you all known of any others in downtown?

Also what about within the beltway. The two I know of are Pho #1 and Saigon Remembered.

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  1. I'm a Pho #1 fan. And, I do think that and Saigon Remembered are the two pho places inside the beltway....although some people here like the pho a few miles outside the beltway on 40. I forget the name, but someone here will chime in with it. Saigon Remembered rightfully doesn't get much love on this board.

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    1. re: baltoellen

      Yeah Pho#1 is good. The only drawback is the service. Anyone ever run into the rude waiter there? I think he is one of two waiters on their entire staff, everytime I have been there he's been my waiter.

      1. re: bmore305

        There's one guy who's pretty indifferent, but I've never thought of him as rude. One reason I refuse to go to the pho place further down 40 is that I heard the owner seriously berating one of his staff. It was really vile, and they've lost my business forever.

        If you want VERY attentive service, Baltimore Pho is the place for you!

        1. re: aussiewonder

          I think that's it. In the same shopping center as PetsMart?

          1. re: baltoellen

            Yup, and Office Depot. It's the best pho place I've found in Baltimore (do a search for it on this board, and you'll see some comments and comparisons between Pho places), better than Pho #1, IMO.

            Though the pho is much better on the weekends. I think it has to do with turnover (lots of people on the weekends), and maybe even a different chef.

            1. re: daveinmd

              I don't know how some people would think that Pho #1 has good pho? It's so bland. They have other good options though only because Pho Nam doesn't really offer more than pho. Pho Nam is definitely a lot better and the ladies who work there are really nice. It's not far from Pho #1 either. It's right on Rt. 40.

      2. Minato on Charles St. in Mt vernon has excellent pho.