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Mar 2, 2002 08:40 PM

Europane's Egg Salad

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I recently traveled to Europane to sample the egg salad sandwich after reading the "46 Questions" article in L.A. Weekly that proclaimed it the best sandwich -- not just the best egg salad sandwich -- in all of Los Angeles. The eggs used in the salad were soft-boiled and squishy. Yuck! Is this how the egg salad there always is? I thought it was dreadful, although the concept of the sandwich -- egg salad slathered on top of gourmet bread smeared with pureed sundried tomato -- was fine. The L.A. Weekly "46 Questions" article wasn't all misguided, however, as we tried La Fuente in Highland Park for the touted carnitas and it was delicious and ever so hospitable. Try the chicken mole too, tender and lipsmacking good.

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