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Mar 3, 2008 12:57 PM

Asheville - The Green Sage is open!

I just heard The Green Sage opened today downtown at 5 Broadway. According to the e-mail the hours are M - R 7:30 am to 10 pm, F 7:30 am to 11 pm, Sat. 8 am to 11 pm, Sun. 8 am to 9 pm. Breakfast daily until 4, lunch daily 11 am to close. Focus on organic coffee, tea, smoothies & live juice. The owner, Randy Talley, is well known in organic circles - he researches to the max and always finds exciting, delicious foods. I won't be able to try it for a week or so - please post if you get by there!

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  1. Hey Hounds - I tried it last night and here is my take:

    Decent food - wasn't blown away.
    A little too casual service.
    A little overpriced.

    Good concept - I applaud the local sourcing/green touches and there is a nice menu although I think it is a tad $ for most items.

    The service while friendly was extremely casual/lackadaisical.

    Example, when the server brought our plates, she reversed our orders and before she had placed them in front of us I pointed out that they were reversed whereupon she just shrugged and left without a word.

    I then asked for ketchup for my 'decent' black bean burger (add a buck for cheese? come on...) and even though we were 2 of 4 people in the restaurant the server I asked for ketchup asked ME again..."Were you the guy who wanted ketchup?" I must say that the sweet potato fries were great!

    My dining companion had a turkey sandwich and salad and it got favorable reviews.

    Dinner for 2 - nothing extravagant and no drinks was $20 - a tad high I think for the food/service.

    I'll give them my standard 3 tries (and I know I went early on...I usually wait a month for the kinks to be worked out) but unless they ramp it up I'll see you at Rosettas or the Laughing Seed.

    They do have the coolest bathroom fixtures in town though and I do think they have promise...maybe give it another 3 weeks...

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      Randy Talley? Doesn't he work for Earth Fare?

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        He has in the past. I don't think he has for a year or so. But he moves from idea to idea so fast that is hard to keep up!

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          He was there, he left, he helped put Greenlife together, he came back to EF, he left again well over a year ago when the latest group of investors (Monitor Clipper Partners ) bought in. Last I heard through very reliable, multiple sources is he is on his own. Whether he will end up doing something for them again is a whole 'nother thing!

    2. We just stopped in for a coffee. Great space! Super place to sit, read and relax. The lemonade is absolute dynamite. Very hectic service, but I'm sure it will even out. We'll be back, but probably only for drinks and maybe desserts. Those killer bathrooms where the ones from the old c.f. changs. Love the sinks!

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        1. Tried this place for brunch. They still have plenty of kinks to work out. There was no service. Zero. After we ordered, and our food was brought out we never saw anyone again. I had to go find someone to ask for butter and jam for my toast. We were never asked if we needed anything, or how anything was. I had ordered a vegi omlette, and it arrived with sausage. My SO omlette lacked cheese. Luckily I am not a vegetarian, or I would have been pretty upset. The food did TASTE good though, and the fresh squeezed juices are yummy ( if not a tad overpriced). The menu is quite large for the "order at the counter and sit down concept" with no where to really stand and check it out, a line forms quickly. I hope they work out the service issues. Even as we left the building, no service in the dining room. Dirty plates on several tables, ect. The food was good though, so i will give them another shot.

          1. Found this blurb about it (not a review, more a few paragraphs on philosophy):

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              I'm eating the $9 grass-fed Sage Burger; it's only okay: a little dry. The sweet potato fries are limp and heavy, and I have an overpriced fresh-squeezed lemonade. Kudos for the enviro-conscious takeout box. Service is still spotty. The counter staff doesn't really know the menu. (Staff and service are such am important part of the first impression, I would have thought they'd had to memorize the basic menu. My server had to keep turning around to the board to answer my questions.) They seem confused but are cheerful enough (just wait til Bele Chere!). The owner looked tense...must have been a rough week.

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                Maybe S(he) is reading these posts!

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                  From these reports Bele Chere will be quite interesting! Granted good servers are a challenge in Asheville, but with just opening you have a great opportunity to start out right & do some good training. (sigh) I arrived in town tonight. Hoping for brunch at Sunny Point, then appointments. Will try to get by there late afternoon. Hearing through my local grapevine that others are having the same impressions. Hopefully the learning curb will be quick & the shaky aspects fixed soon.