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Mar 3, 2008 12:44 PM

Say it ain't so Joe [moved from Manhattan board]

But unfortunately it is, Joe's in the village raised the price of a regular slice to $2.50 and a fresh mozzarella slice to $3.00. Ouch! It was just a few months ago that he raised fresh mozzarella to $2.75. Maybe I'll take another look at Pizza Box on Bleeker. My question is at what price point would you look for another slicer joint.

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  1. Since every pizzeria is experience much higher costs for wheat, most will have raised prices recently or will do so shortly. Unless you stop eating pizza for a while, expect to pay more per slice. I'm a pizza junkie, so short of $10 for a plain slice nothing can make me stop buying.

    1. I live in PA, but the pizza prices went up here too. A 50lb bag of flour which was $17 last year, is $50 this year. Combine that with the cost of cheese, and you can't blame them for raising the price.

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        Here is a related article concerning the rise in cost to wholesale flour.

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          It's not just flour. I buy mozzarella by the case - a case being eight one-pound logs. The case price in August was $23.67. The case price last week was $31.12.

          That's a 31.4% increase and it has to get passed on somewhere.

          Not sure who's profiting from all these ingredient increases, but it's unlikely it's the retailer. We're all scared to death to raise prices in this economic environment. Yet rising costs are forcing the issue.

          You might find a better deal with some pizzeria that uses a packaged pre-shredded cheese "blend". Those prices haven't increased as much.

          Certainly, there is a lot of blame to go around on this. That there are financial (and tax) incentives to grow soy and corn for energy instead of wheat for food is all but criminal.

        2. Prices are up all over! I just grabbed a slice in White Plains thinking it would be cheaper in the suburbs - boy was I wrong. $3 a slice for plain. There was a huge sign saying that due to the rising costs for flour and cheese they were increasing their prices by 50 cents. Still a cheap source of food but it was surprising.

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            I'm lucky. There is a Sicilian place about 3 blocks from me where I can get a 12 inch pizza with pepperoni for 5 bucks. The old lady makes the sauce and the crust. It's pretty awesome for 5 bucks.