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Mar 3, 2008 12:44 PM

help with marinade

I need a quick answer to the following question:
What is the lesser of the two evils; putting a frozen pork tenderloin in a marinade and letting it defrost in the fridge over night OR, defrosting the meat in the fridge overnight and then doing a ½ hour marinade and putting it into the oven?

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  1. 1/2 hour marinade. For a tenderloin, since it's so tender, you really only need to add flavor. 1/2 an hour (plus maybe some basting, or boil the marinade while the meat cooks to make it safe), should give you plenty of flavor.

    1. kind of depends what is in the marinade, but if you want to be safe. Defrost the meat and do a quick 1/2 hour marinade. If the taste of the marinade is very mild you might want to give it a little extra punch.

      1. Why choose between two evils?? How about don't marinate it?? S&P...Sear well, and finish in the creative with your sauces(s). I've never seen a pork tenderloin that needed marinating...Unless ya don't like pork.