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Mar 3, 2008 12:34 PM

Good Eats Near Marriott Long Wharf

Hi everyone. I've posted on the board in the past and have had great success with recommendations. Particularly in Boston. My wife and I will be staying at the Marriott Long Wharf this Friday and Saturday night for an industry event on Saturday evening. Would love some suggestions for moderately priced places (expense account consideration) close to the hotel. Although, we are not opposed to hopping in a cab, or jumping on the T, either.

We'll be arriving after 7:00 on Friday, so we're looking for dinner on Friday, breakfast Saturday and Sunday, and lunch on Saturday. Also, any recommendations for a great cocktail on Friday evening or late Saturday evening would be appreciated also!


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    1. re: Diski

      Yes, Sel de la terre is a few steps from the hotel right across from the entrance to the Aquarium subway station. And, they have a great little take out shop if you happen to hit a great day and want to sit out by the water.

    2. You aren't far from the N. End and Flour is a bakery not so far away in the other direction, near the Children's Museum.

      1. You're within easy walking distance of the North End and Faneuil Hall.

        For the former, you can try Pagliuca's, Daily Catch, Antico Forno, Maurizio's, Giacomo's, Euno, Carmen, or Saraceno's for moderate price Italian; Mamma Maria, Prezza, Marco, or Taranta for more expensive Italian; Pizzeria Regina for pizza; Galleria Umberto, Mangia Mangia, or Volle Nolle for a cheap lunch; Tutto Italiano or Dino's for subs; Neptune Oyster for seafood; Theo's Cozy Corner for breakfast; or Waterfront Cafe for pub grub/drinks. Feel free to check out my research here:

        Faneuil Hall is not exactly loaded with good options, but if you want old fashioned Yankee cooking, Durgin Park is a decent choice for lunch or dinner. Sultan's Kitchen (Turkish) is nearby there and very good, as is Al's State Street Cafe (subs). There are a couple historic pubs and restaurants like the Green Dragon and Union Oyster House nearby, though the food is poor at these (except raw oysters and beer at the latter).

        Sel de la Terre, right across the street from you, is excellent.

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          1. re: bachslunch

            bachslunch - thanks for the suggestions and great job on your research! That is one comprehensive listing of just about every place in the North End. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll let you know how we make out!

          2. Sel de la Terre.
            Sail Loft

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            1. re: saltyair

              Curious about the Sail Loft as I never see anyone in there. I stopped in once, but turned around and walked out because the hostess was quite rude. What's good on the menu maybe I'll give it another shot?

              1. re: Pegmeister

                I usually get the clam chowder..ask them to add some broth because the reg version is too thick..for my taste...and the fried clam/scallop combo. Broiled scrod or nachos are fine.

                I avoid the more "ambitious items" or "specials."

                1. re: Pegmeister

                  I'ver only gone for drinks and apps at Sail Loft. Neither blew my mind, but it was conveniet for the after work crowd.

              2. The Chart House, one of my favorites, is just behind the Marriott on Long Wharf. And there's a Legal Seafood just across the street.

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                1. re: alansm

                  I had a very good prime rib at Chart House on XMas eve..after a plate of oysters at Legal's..second year in a row.

                  1. re: 9lives

                    I know Todd English doesn't get a lot of kudos here, but I've had good luck at Kingfish Hall. For the OP its at the end of Fanueil Hall, close to the LW Marriott. Good cocktails; I like the Bloody Mary, heavy on the horse radish and with a nice large steamed shrimp hanging off of it. Oysters and apps are fine, nice tuna tartar. Some very good seafood dishes. Stay away from the steak. Prices are mid to upper, mid twenties for an entree.