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Mar 3, 2008 12:22 PM

Looking for new stainless pots and pans...

Hi all.
I'm brand new to the board and am looking for recommendations for new stainless pots and pans. I am replacing my old Revere set. I've just started looking and find that the sets available locally are all made in China, etc. I have concerns regarding their quality.
I prefer American made, is there such an animal anymore?!. That being said, which brands do you use and are happy with?
Thanks for your responses.

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  1. The brand that I like is Sitram, though I believe they are made in France.

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      second MMRuth on Sitram, they're very nice and cheaper than all clad. Also consider Pedrano, which i think are made in italy. I believe all clad are made in the u.s., if that's a priority. But as many have said, they are overpriced.

    2. I have All-Clad stainless and have used them for about 12 years now. I love them and I highly recommend them. They are manufactured in the US and have a great warranty. They are certainly comparatively more expensive than other sorts of cookware, but I find them worth it and continue to buy it when I want a new piece of cookware.

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        have you used any of the others in addition to all-clad?

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          I've used KitchenAid stainless, Calphalon One, Calphalon (the regular anodized aluminum) and Calphalon stainless (from Target). I do have several pieces of Le Crueset and Staub in addition to my All-Clad pieces. I've used Sitram a few times at a friend's place. I've also used quite a lot of restaurant gear professionally.

      2. I know that All-Clad often wins in professional reviews. I like Calphalon and have several pieces, some Calphlon One Infused Anodized and some Calpalon Commercial Non-Stick. They cook great and I prefer the feel and angle of the handles to most other cookware I've tried. I still use some ancient Farberwear pots for boiling water. The last piece I got was a Cuisenart 3 qt sauce pan. It is stainless but only has a disk bottom, not tri-ply throughout. But I like that because it makes it lighter and easier to handle

        I would caution against buying a set. I use the non stick for fish and eggs, stainless for searing and browning.

        It also depends on what you cook. Which pans do you use the most in your Revear and are there any parts of the set you never use?

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          Paderno Grand Gourmet (Italy), Sitram (France) and Demeyere (Belgium) are considered to be better than All Clad by many posters. I have all of them. Probably Demeyere is the best, but it is the most expensive, even more than All Clad, piece by piece. You can get these Paderno and Sitram lines at BridgeKitchenware and other on line retailers, and they will probably be less money than All Clad. All Clad is the common choice, and a safe one because you can find it in most stores with good cookware departments. Part of the reason it is so expensive is the marketing cost because it is marketed aggressively here in the US.

          If you want to try saving a little money, consider Tramontina (Brazil). You can find that at and other on-line retailers. I think what you find in WalMart is lower quality.

        2. It is made in China, but Regal Ware's Marcel Biro stainless sets, 2 saucepans, 2 skillets, and the stock pot are on the market for about half off depending on vendor. The only reason is, is that they are dropping Biro as spokesperson and are picking up Marcus Samuelsson to brand it with. It is triple ply stainless with am aluminum core. The finish is brushed stainless inside and out. It is top quality and very heavy with extra long handles for extra support. It is worth searching out. Try Googling it, watch TJM etc. for it to be turning up. It is really very good cookware.

          1. You may wish to take a peek at the Kirkland Tri-Ply (fully clad) stainless steel cookware set available at Costco. It is made in Brazil (perhaps by Tramontina?) and performs quite well. Priced at about $230.

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              I think the Kirkland is made by Tramontina. I also think that there is a difference in quality between some Tramontina lines, from what I have seen and heard, and the Kirkland from Costco and Member's Mark from Sam's are actually quite high quality, based on the reviews I have read.