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Mar 3, 2008 11:38 AM

New to Richmond District- fav. places?

Where do you recommend- high and low end? Also is Gaspare's (on Geary) the place for pizza? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I've checked out Cafe Mereb (1541 Clement St.) and their Mediterranean food is very good. I'll be going back on a Saturday night to try the Eritrean dinner specials. Breakfasts are served all day too.

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  1. Pizzetta 211
    Troya (Turkish)
    Burma Super Star or Mandalay (Burmese)
    Best Panda (Hong Kong seafood)
    Han Il Kwan (Korean)
    Aziza (Cal-Moroccan)

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I second the recs for the Burmese places (I think if you live in the Richmond it's your duty to try them all at least once) and for Best Panda.

      I ate at Singapore-Malaysian once and was disappointed - perhaps I should give it another shot.

      That post reminded me of Creations Dessert House, which is a lot of fun.

    2. Like Robert, I highly recommend:

      Burma Super Star
      Pizzetta 211

      I also love:

      Turtle Tower (Pho)
      Tanuki (Japanese)
      Chapeau (French)
      Namu (Love the Loco Moco for Brunch)
      Rohan (Cool soju bar with tasty bites)

      Hope you enjoy the neighborhood!

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      1. re: sfcitygirl

        What do you like at Rohan? I didn't really like their Bi Bim Bap. It comes steamed with tough chicken and not enough sauce to put it all together.

      2. I second Burma Superstar and Chapeau!

        Would also like to add:
        Oyaji - Japanese Izakayas
        Shabu House
        PPQ Dungeness Island Vietnamese - affordable, tasty crab
        Brother's - Korean BBQ

        1. I like Mescolanza for Italian food. They make a great Caesar salad. For California cuisine, I like Clement Street Bar & Grill.

          1. To add to the list:

            Pagan Restaurant, new Burmese and Thai
            Shanghai House
            Spices II