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Picnic boxes available now (Early March)

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Hi all --

Taking Mr. BB to the opera on Wednesday. Was thinking of making a picnic dinner to take -- but swinging towards the idea of buying one. Any recommendations on places that make good boxed dinners pre-Hollywood Bowl season?

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    1. Gelson's Deli http://www.gelsons.com/stores/service...
      The Little Next Door
      Go pick up bread and cheese and nibbly bits from TJ's

      1. I don't know wher you live but there is a great little place in north Glendale/Montrose that opened recently, called INGREDIENTS (www.ingredientsshop.com
        )The chef/owener used to own Bistro Verdu and he can put together the most delicious boxes...make sure to get a Duck Confit Salad or and don't forget a cheese plate.
        Not only are his ingredients top drawer, his presentations have been beautiful.

        1. Mako (bento box)
          Joan's on Third
          M Chaya Cafe

          1. Nicole's Gourmet Foods in South Pasadena does to-go picnics. Another place, close by, is Julienne's and they might do them as well.


            1. Thanks for all the great suggestions -- thinking it might be The Little Next Door this time. Kind of along the way-ish and their menu sound really yummy and haven't tried them yet. Also their website is very user-friendly in terms of getting a sense of what to order.

              V happy to see that there are so many options for future excursions. Intrigued by Ingredients -- suspect its fantastic (duck confit sounds perfect for Mr. BB) but wish they had a better description of take-out options on their website

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                Hi bite bite,
                If you sign up for the email list, they'll usually send out a menu of what's currently on their lunch and small bites menu and they do all the stuff "to go"...now, I've called and I've stopped by on whims and they can cut up little meaty bits and cheesey bits and they've done some beautiful presentations for the wine store (Rosso) down the street's wine tastings.
                I bet you could just call, give them a budget and some likes and dislikes and I be tthey'd put together someting nice.
                I found out by one of the other patrons that Bistro Verdu used to do boxes for Hollywood Bowl so I'm sure they'd still do it now.