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Mar 3, 2008 11:02 AM

Pub with separate function space within 15 miles of Attleboro MA

Anyone know of anything? Fun atmosphere is a must, food doesn't have ot be gourmet obviously but must be decent. Thanks!

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  1. What about the Moose Cabin in Attleboro? I went to a chili competition there, so I can't speak for the food. We had our own room and the host Jason was quite gracious.

    1. The Volcano Grille in Pawtucket has received good reviews,although I have not yet been there,but they do have a private room.Spumonis in Pawtucket has a private room as well,and having been there many times,I think it would fit the bill.I have not heard one good thing about the Moose Cabin.Another option would be Corrines right over the Attleboro-Pawt line,but this has had mixed reviews.

      1. Don't go to the Moose Cabin! The food there is terrible, bland and totally uninspired. Wetherlaine's is a fun place with decent food but I don't think they have a separate function room.

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          3 Steeple Street in downtown Providence is within fifteen miles from Attleboro and has a seperate room and bar on the second floor for small party's. Their food is on the gourmet side located in an historic biulding right on the canal where Waterfire is held:

          1. re: Sean

            yes, definitely 3 Steeple St!