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Mar 3, 2008 11:02 AM

Asheville for Bachelorette-Weekend Dinner

I am heading out to Asheville this weekend for my Bachelorette celebration! This is more of a grown up celebration as my mom, two aunts and future mother-in-law will be joining the rest of us youngins.

We are looking for a nice place to eat dinner Sat. night. There will be eleven of us total. We are looking for good food, good wine, good atmosphere. We’re hoping for something not outrageously expensive, but still classy and “gourmet”. I would say around $30/person NOT including wine/drinks. Also, will we need to make reservations before Sat., or will calling that day be sufficient?

I’ve heard the restaurant at the Biltmore is overrated. Does anyone have any input?

I searched the boards and found many posts, but none from 2008. I’m not sure how much the restaurant selection changes in Asheville, but I was hoping for a more update list.

I appreciate your suggestions! Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have always thought that a bachelorette (or other girl-party) in one of the alcove rooms at Zambra would be smashing. Not sure if you are familar w/ Zambra, but if not... Zambra is tapas, so lots of things for the girls to share, not so expensive since women tend to have lighter appetites (hungry men will find Zambra to be quite expensive). The Spanish wines at Zambra are really good, and not very expensive, especially by the bottle. The alcove rooms have banquets with ornate pillows...sort of a Moroccan air.

    If you scroll down, you can see the openings to the little alcoves.

    Also, Zambra is right downtown, so if you are staying at a downtown could walk home after all that wine ;-


    As for the Biltmore, my parents went to the restaurant there...they liked it better than Gabrielle's, but I think that is an opinion you are unlikely to find repeated on this board.

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      Second zambra for the subdued bachelorette party. Perfect atmosphere. Nice cocktails too.

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        Third vote for Zambra. Great wine list and great food.

    2. I'm surprised you haven't found anything for 2008 as I know I've written lots myself. There are a few places that come to mind that I would suggest:
      28806 - they have a large-ish room on the side that would accomodate 11 I would think - they have a very good menu, great breads and drinks that compares well to fancier places downtown but less expensive.
      Stoney Knob in Weaverville - they have this cool "Red Room" with a fireplace (gas log) high ceilings and red walls that would easily accomodate 11 but I don't know that they would let you have the whole room for a Saturday night. Interesting Mediterranean/Italian menu.
      I'm trying to think of places downtown that might work ... I think i've heard that Bistro 1896 has a private room area but I may be mistaken.

      1. Places with private room: Bistro 1896, Cafe on Square, Savoy, Amici, Market Place

        1. I would look into Vigne, seems like it would be a fun place to celebrate, and the food is great. Limones has some of the best margaritas ever, and good food to boot as another option. (I would suggest making reservations prior to the day of for a party of 11)

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            I think Vigne is sort of loud and clattery - it's the wood floors and all the metal. I guess they could give you one large table though. One night when we were there they had a party of 8 at a table nearby. Limones could do a long table of 11 but it would be one of those situations where the person at one end wouldn't be able to hear the other and they have no private room.
            Zambras would be good if they could give you that back alcove area (there are no "alcove rooms" that I know of - just an area that is partially set apart w/ cave-like walls) - I think that would fit 11 - but still you couldn't really get up and mingle...
            Amici - yuck...I've heard nothing good about this place lately. Savoy...they have a side room that would work...haven't heard much about them lately and had some mixed reviews.
            Market Place has just put in a new bar area in the front room...I think they have a private area upstairs?

          2. Which restaurant at the Biltmore? There are several. I like the bistro at the winery, but haven't tried the others.

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