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Mar 3, 2008 11:00 AM

Where to find traditional Jewish Bagels

Not the oversized monsters available at Dunkin Donuts and Manhattan Bagels

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  1. not a lot of great options here.
    i like the bagels at murray's (abington or bala). le bus has "bagels" that aren't traditional at all, which I probably would like ok if they renamed them.

    1. we get good bagels from Olivia's in the Harbour Place Center on Egg Harbor Rd in Washington Tw (08080). Their baker is Westmont Bagels.

      1. I've posted this before but, I'll say it again. The Original Bagel Co. in Broomall makes top-notch bagels and bialys.
        They are the family that originally opened New York Bagels on Haverford Ave. in Overbrook Park back in the 60's.

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        1. re: cheesewit

          where's original bagel company? that's not the place in the same strip mall as Alfredo's and Boyle's flooring, is it? I've always been disappointed with that bagel place... stale bagels... egg sandwiches with microwaved eggs... please tell me i'm missing some great Broomall find elsewhere?

          1. re: amandaw33

            Don't know when you've gone but, on Sunday mornings the bagels are fresh out of the oven. Never had an egg sandwich there so I can't comment.
            I'm surprised to hear how disappointed you've been.

        2. In the Daily New there was a Secret of Cheltenham section and it had a food section that had a bagel place-here's the text.

          Rolings Bakery, 7848 Montgomery Ave. Elkins Park
          A rare Delaware Valley purveyor of authentic Flatbush bagels. "They're super chewy. You have to like that chewy thing," Green advises. "But they're very, very good."

          Here's the link:

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          1. re: jellybell

            I have posted about Rolings before on bagel threads. I think they are the best locally (and there is a deli by Rittenhouse Square that brings them in on Fridays only)

          2. The Bagel Spot on Kings Highway in Cherry Hill. Kosher, boiled bagels. Not those puffy air filled DD fake baked bagels. Worth the trip if you're in the mood for an authentic bagel.

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            1. re: mschow

              Oh Yeah! The fragrance when you walk in!!! WOW is all I can say. I like the salt bagels

              1. re: mschow

                Absolutely the best are at the Bagel Spot. I think I will go there for lunch tomorrow. I can just smell em now.

                1. re: jerseyguy2

                  I love the salt bagels with the jalapeno spread. I brush off most of the salt before eating. Love the veggie bagels as well. Service with a scowl, but they are the best! I have taken them for breakfast presentations and every single time I do, people come out in droves. I always get phone calls later for where I bought them. If you order ahead of time, they will do mini sizes for parties, etc.
                  Unfortunately, so many people in S.Jersey have never had a decent bagel that they find these bagels 'heavy' (ie: not like the DD, Lenders, or McDonalds bagels.). These are the real thing.