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Mar 3, 2008 10:56 AM

cheap and simple near the Angelika

Hello all, I am going to see a film at the Angelika on Sunday, and I'm looking for a good lunch/early dinner place nearby. I'm going with a few people that are a bit picky- the budget is low (I'd say entrees no more than $15pp), and they like simple things like diner fare (burgers, sandwiches, soup). We also have a vegan in the group. I don't want to go to a place like silver spurs if i can avoid it! so please help!! Thanks.

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  1. Fanelli's? Just a couple of blocks south.

    1. What about Arturo's Pizza? They have pastas that may be okay for the vegan. Or salads. Fanelli's is good too.

      1. Totally Arturo's! Low impact, great pizza. Otherwise you're facing Soho fare, which is in a differnet price league or...the dreaded Silver Spurs! Although, I heard the Thai place further down Houston,beyond Ushi Wakamura, just before Raffetto's is not bad. Is it Prem-On?

        1. 'Ino, Moustache, and Galanga would fit your budget and dietary requirements -- and they're all but a short walk away. Flor's Kitchen be even better, though a bit more of a walk, as well.

          If you want pub grub, Dennehy's on Carmine near Varick is my favorite in the area.

          Bar Fry might also be of interest...

          1. You can try Nolita House and Caffe Falai, both within a 3 minute walk.