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It's that time of year again, kids!
Recommendations for good hamantaschen, either locally or to purchase on-line?

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  1. Sorry I can't help you with your request, but my curiosity got me to investigate this item further. When I looked at the picture here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamantas... I immediately thought 'wow, a baby Jewish kolache' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolache .

    I'm with you, where are the good ones?

    1. I've had pretty good hamantaschen from Beverlywood Bakery on Pico, but it was over a year ago.

      Canter's hamantaschen was okay too, as was Junior's.

      Not sure what they called it or if it qualifies, but I had an outstanding poppy seed pastry at the Polish/European deli, I think called J&T European Deli in Santa Monica on 11th & Wilshire.

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        Are you talking about the bakery next to the post office--between 12th & Euclid? It used to be called Vienna Bakery. Has the name been changed?

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          Vienna Pastry is still there. J&T is the Polish deli aross the street.

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            Oh, I've seen hamantaschen at Vienna also.

      2. Has anyone know of a place that sells fig hamantaschen?

        1. Benes bakery in the Encino or Pacific Palisades Gelson's. The branch in Northridge isn't as good.

          1. Beverlywood Bakery's Poppy Seed Hamentaschen---you'll plohtz!

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              LOVE Beverlywood.. their danishes as well post Pesach of course

              Bea's Bakery in Tarzana

              Delice Bakery on Pico

            2. I like Diamond Bakery on Fairfax just north of Beverly in general.

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                I also like Diamond's Bakery, especially their dark raisin bread (even if you only purchase a tiny piece, you can do your bicep curls with it! -- loaded with a ton of plump raisins!) and their chocolate pastry which they will cut to any size.

                I wonder if Aroma Cafe on Ventura Boulevard in Encino makes hamantaschen? Their bakery case is pretty gorgeous, although I haven't tasted anything yet. Anyone?

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                  diamonds are delish but i prefer cantors and/or beverlywood...and that
                  amazing "choc pastry" is called a racetrack for reasons i've never discovered...i buy 2 pieces...cause 1 never makes it home ...

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                    Ah...racetrack! It was explained to me one time that the name is derived from the fact that the pastry is made in concentric circles, like racetracks...very appropriate, huh!
                    I know, we eat it too quickly to look, but next time take a sec to observe its beauty with the gazillion chocolate-pastry circles!

              2. Sam's Kosher Bakery (N. Hollywood) makes really good ones. I also like them from Viktor Benes (Gelson's Encino location).

                1. I bought some at Costco. Haven't opened them so they'd stay as fresh as possible, but Costco products are usually pretty good. Included Apricot and Raspberry flavors. And they're a good size - not too small.

                  1. Go to Schwartz's bakery on Pico and make sure to get at least one with poppy seed filling.

                    1. I'm a huge year-round fan, and my favorite has to be Stolichnaya next to Whole Foods on Santa Monica and Fairfax. I usually just get whichever ones are fresh, and get those, since the poppy seed ones get rock-hard after a couple days. (They usually keep the freshest pastries right up next to the registers, so I grab a couple of these too!)

                      Diamond's are pretty good too (down Fairfax just no. of Beverly) and I think they have mini ones which the others may not. Canter's and all the big L.A. deli restaurants (Jerry's, Junior's, etc.) usually have the worst in my opinion, either dry/crumbly or oily. All these bakeries sell them year-round, though at some places they're seasonal (ladies in the old Schwartz's on Fairfax glared at me the last time I asked for them off-season). Looking forward to trying those at Beverlywood.

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                        I picked up an apricot hamantaschen at Beverlywood on Monday. The dough was flavorful, but the apricot filling was too sweet. I just wish that they made the little hamantaschen all year long instead of the ones that are as big as my hand. I always feel like I've eaten way too much sugar when I eat a large Hamantaschen

                      2. Ah, yes, I love the hamantaschen. Does anyone know a place that has prune with walnut? That's how Mom made 'em...

                        I suspect the kosher bakery that's next to the old Cambridge Farms on Whitsett and Burbank would also have good ones.

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                          That's Continental Bakery.

                          If you need to buy a lot to send out to others, Costco works out to be the best deal.

                        2. For those chowhounders in north western O.C., Katella Deli (on Katella Ave. in Los Alamitos) has them year-round. They also have a wonderful holiday dinner specials from time to time. Usually they're Kosher dinners, but this year they're even having a St. Patrick's Day dinner.

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                            Katella Deli's hamentaschen have always been my kids' favorites. Their Jewish holiday dinners are NOT kosher; only kosher style. Just wanted to point that out for those observing kashruth.

                          2. Bea's Bakery in Tarzana has good ones. I'm loyal to poppy, but I imagine the others would be good as well.

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                              Seconds on Bea's. Also please tell me which Costco had them. I am so surprised...

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                                I was at the Northridge Costco yesterday and they had Hamantashan at one of the isle ends right next to the Matzah.

                            2. schwartz's has two varieties of crust - they have the cookie dough which is very popular with the american market, and a type of soft sweet bread dough which is also good. Fillings are prune, cherry, poppyseed, apricot as i recall.