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Slider Rolls

Trying to locate slidder rolls in either Philadelphia or Bucks County. I am looking for the smallest hamburger rolls possible.

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  1. I will be watching this thread. Looking for them also.

    1. Actually the best thing to do is make them yourself. I don't have my slider roll recipe where I am but will post it tomorrow after I get home.

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        Don't quote me but I think LeBus may have small rolls that may fit your needs, but I'd call them first.

      2. My coworker loves to get sliders. Here is her top 4:

        1. XIX
        2. Ansill
        3. Rum Bar
        4. Alfa

        1. I have been in search for them too and have not seen them, I have in a pinch used Martins potato dinner rolls. I decided to make them myself and they must be popular because King Arthur has the pans on backorder.

          I would really like to have baby brioche rolls.

          1. I couldn't find my copy of the recipe but if you go to the King Arthur flour web site you can get it...they're called Moomie's Beautiful Burger Buns.

            1. There is a brand of dinner roll that you can sometimes get just in regular supermarkets that I have used - but it is labeled a soft dinner roll. I'll try to ID it better than that, but check with the white bread (something I never thought I'd say)

              1. Well, these are not slider rolls, but McMillans Bakery in Westmont, NJ, does dinner rolls that would be the perfect size for sliders. Not everything at the bakery is great, but the donuts, danish, and the dinner rolls are really good. I would venture to say if you asked them to make you a particular roll, with an eggwash on it, like a burger roll, they would probably oblige you. Sorry, it's not in PA, but about a 10 minute ride from the BF bridge.

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                  Thanks everyone. I will continue to keep an eye on this in case something else comes up. I actually work at the hotel where XIX is located and that is where I got the idea because the are soo good.

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                    we had sliders at my bridal shower and my stepmother used the dinner rolls from costco. perfect size and, although not gourmet, tasty!

                2. I havent found them in the Phila. area yet. What I do is buy frozen bread dough....thaw it....pull off pieces and let it raise then bake them. My kids like them. Also, at this time of year (Thanksgiving) you can buy smaller rolls, I have used them too and can always buy extra and freeze them. If I find them in the Phila area I will post. Can always use the frozen bread dough, make them ahead and freeze them.

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                    I have gotten slider rolls at the Super Fresh on Delaware Ave and also at the headhouse farmer's market from Wild Flour Bakery (brioche)

                  2. Have been using Pepperidge Farm or Arnolds Parker House rolls for years. YUM.Just make sure that you place the onions on top of the burger patty and allow the roll to absorb the steam and grease !

                    1. I found tasty slider rolls at the bakery at the local Superfresh on South Street in Philly.

                      1. JUST EXACTLY WHAT IN THE HELL IS A SLIDER???

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                          None Such Farms sells frozen slider rolls and frozen sliders burgers.